In a school, looking to activate students’ critical thinking skills and problem-solving is a must.

Not only does this improve their output in school, but it increases their ability to solve problems in their careers in the future. Look at 105 riddles for students with answers, and watch your students consider the answers to these tough questions.

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105 riddles for students

  1. Where can you find cities, streets, and buildings but no people? ANSWER: A map
  2. What runs but never gets tired? ANSWER: A faucet
  3. Where does Friday come before Thursday? ANSWER: A dictionary
  4. What has a bank but no money and a bed but never sleeps? ANSWER: A river
  5. What travels the world but never leaves its corner? ANSWER: A postage stamp
  6. What invention lets you look through solid walls? ANSWER: A window
  7. What do you add to one to leave nothing? ANSWER: The letter ‘N’
  8. What has four wheels and flies? ANSWER: A garbage truck
  9. What word becomes shorter when you add two letters? ANSWER: Short
  10. What coat do you put on when it is wet? ANSWER: A coat of paint
  11. What goes up but never comes back down? ANSWER: Your age
  12. What can you break without touching or seeing it? ANSWER: Promises
  13. What is the size of an elephant but is weightless? ANSWER: An elephant’s shadow
  14. After a plane crash, there wasn’t a single survivor. How did everyone live? ANSWER: They were all married
  15. What month has 28 days? ANSWER: All of them; some have more
  16. What starts with P, ends in E, and has thousands of letters? ANSWER: A post office
  17. A girl fell off a 20-foot ladder. Why didn’t it hurt? ANSWER: She was at the bottom
  18. A dog crosses a river without getting wet. How did he do it? ANSWER: On a boat
  19. If you feed me, I grow. Water me, and I die. What am I? ANSWER: A fire
  20. What vehicle is the same backward as it is forwards? ANSWER: A racecar
  21. What is the capital of Kyrgyzstan? ANSWER: K
  22. What word contains 26 letters? ANSWER: Alphabet
  23. What has a head and a tail, with nobody in between? ANSWER: A coin
  24. There are two in a corner and one in a room but none in the house. What is it? ANSWER: The letter R
  25. What is so fragile that the slightest vibration breaks it? ANSWER: Silence
  26. What falls for miles without getting hurt? ANSWER: Rain
  27. What tree fits in your hand? ANSWER: A palm
  28. What edible snack do you use to build a house? ANSWER: Walnuts
  29. You have a match, a candle, and a fireplace. Which is the most useful to light? ANSWER: The match
  30. Everyone has it, and nobody loses it. What is it? ANSWER: A shadow
  31. What has legs but cannot walk? ANSWER: A table
  32. What has arms but cannot hold things? ANSWER: A chair
  33. Tom’s father has three sons. Derek, Ian, and one more. Who is the third? ANSWER: Tom
  34. What has keys but cannot open a door? ANSWER: Pianos
  35. What building has the most stories? ANSWER: A library
  36. How do you secure an appointment at the library? ANSWER: Book it
  37. If I have it, I have not shared it. To share it is to lose it. What is it? ANSWER: A secret
  38. What gets wet when it dries? ANSWER: A towel
  39. What is the end of everything? ANSWER: G
  40. What gets shorter as it gets older? ANSWER: A candle
  41. What is brown and sticky? ANSWER: A stick
  42. I am the beginning of everything and the end of time. What am I? ANSWER: E
  43. I shave every day but keep my beard. Who am I? ANSWER: A barber
  44. Six children are not under an umbrella. Why didn’t they get wet? ANSWER: There was no rain
  45. What weighs more, a pound of feathers or lead? ANSWER: Neither; they are both a pound
  46. I am light, but nobody can hold me forever. What am I? ANSWER: Breath
  47. Where are the mountains always flat? ANSWER: On a map
  48. A man dies of old age on his 25th birthday. How? ANSWER: He was born on a leap year
  49. There’s a bungalow with yellow walls, floors, and ceilings. What color are the stairs? ANSWER: There are no stairs
  50. I have branches but no leaves or fruit. What am I? ANSWER: A bank
  51. A bus driver goes the wrong way down a one-way road and goes when the traffic lights are red. How didn’t he break the law? ANSWER: He was walking
  52. In which month do people sleep the least? ANSWER: February, there are fewer nights
  53. I make a loud noise when changing into something bigger that weighs less. What am I? ANSWER: Popcorn kernels
  54. What can you break but never fix? ANSWER: A deck of cards
  55. Which part of the body is best for carpentry? ANSWER: Nails
  56. I have no life and am constantly dying. What am I? ANSWER: A battery
  57. What starts with, ends with, and is full of T? ANSWER: A teapot
  58. How big are a rooster’s eggs? ANSWER: They don’t exist; roosters don’t lay eggs
  59. I run all of the time but never move. What am I? ANSWER: A fridge
  60. It’s raining at midnight, but will it be clear tomorrow? Will it be sunny? ANSWER: No, it’s midnight
  61. What question can you never answer with yes? ANSWER: Are you sleeping?
  62. What has a head, foot, and four legs but has never lived? ANSWER: A bed
  63. A man goes out in the rain without a coat or umbrella, but not a hair on his head gets wet. How? ANSWER: He’s bald
  64. What is in the middle of Toronto? ANSWER: O
  65. There are three apples, and you take away two. How many do you have? ANSWER: Two, you took them
  66. What has an eye but cannot see? ANSWER: A needle
  67. What word is spelled wrong in a dictionary? ANSWER: ‘Wrong’
  68. What is the only word spelled correctly in the dictionary? ANSWER: ‘Correctly’
  69. What has millions of trees and as many packages? ANSWER: Amazon
  70. What can you catch but never throw? ANSWER: A cold
  71. I can only point one way but direct people everywhere. What am I? ANSWER: A compass
  72. What has thirteen hearts, and you can cut it, but it won’t bleed? ANSWER: A deck of cards
  73. What has a mouth with no teeth? ANSWER: A river
  74. The further you go, the more you leave. What are they? ANSWER: Footsteps
  75. What is something you had but can never get back? ANSWER: The past
  76. What time is a gift? ANSWER: The present
  77. I am odd but take a letter, and I become even. What am I? ANSWER: Seven
  78. What loses its head in the morning but regains it at night? ANSWER: A pillow
  79. If you drop me, I’ll crack, but I always smile back. What am I? ANSWER: A mirror
  80. What can you never eat for dinner? ANSWER: Breakfast and lunch
  81. Susan has four daughters, and each daughter has a brother. How many children does she have? ANSWER: Five
  82. I met a man on the road to St Ive’s with seven wives, and each wife had seven sons. How many went to St Ive’s? ANSWER: Just one; the wives weren’t going.
  83. I can be cracked, made, told, and played. What am I? ANSWER: A joke
  84. If you eat me, I die. What am I? ANSWER: Nothing
  85. What is always ahead of you, no matter how far you go? ANSWER: The future
  86. What breaks before you use it? ANSWER: An egg
  87. You bought me for dinner but never eat me, what am I? ANSWER: A plate
  88. What’s the richest nut? ANSWER: The cash-ew
  89. I drink beer but don’t get drunk. How? ANSWER: It was root beer
  90. You cut me, slice me, dice me, and all the while, you cry. What am I? ANSWER: An onion
  91. I am a bird, person, and fruit. What am I? ANSWER: A kiwi
  92. Which fruit always comes in twos? ANSWER: A pear
  93. Which is the most romantic fruit around? ANSWER: A date
  94. Which vegetable do you use to grow eggs? ANSWER: An eggplant
  95. What is a word with six letters that makes twelve if you take a letter away? ANSWER: Dozens
  96. What can you always count on? ANSWER: Your fingers
  97. I add six to eleven and get five. How? ANSWER: Six hours past eleven is five
  98. What has hands but can never clap? ANSWER: A clock
  99. I fill a room without taking up space. What am I? ANSWER: Light
  100. What can’t talk but always replies? ANSWER: An echo
  101. What has a neck and arms but no head? ANSWER: A shirt
  102. I am good to taste but awful to smell. What am I? ANSWER: A tongue
  103. What is black, white, and blue? ANSWER: A sad zebra
  104. Why can’t a leopard hide no matter where he is? ANSWER: He is always spotted
  105. What animal can tell the time without a clock? ANSWER: A watchdog

Hopefully, these riddles and lateral thinking questions will help stimulate your students’ critical thinking. Why not ask a riddle at the start of each day or each lesson to help waken and engage your students’ minds?