How do you feel when you get a compliment? Any child in the world universally loves to feel appreciated and noticed, so if you want to add some high spirits to your classroom, then now is a good time to start handing them out.

Students that have worked hard on their assignments place a high value on their work and want to see it appreciated by their marker or teacher.

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Here are 110 positive comments

Check out these positive comments your students would love to read on that next homework assignment or test paper.

  1. You’re showing a lot of improvement. Keep it up!
  2. You have such neat handwriting!
  3. You’ve written this without any spelling or grammatical mistakes. That’s very impressive!
  4. Reading this has made my day.
  5. The way you write is stunning!
  6. This was a delight to look through!
  7. Well done. This is terrific.
  8. You’ve used some diverse language choices!
  9. This kind of thinking is top-notch.
  10. You’ve written about something I hadn’t thought about before.
  11. What a unique approach to this topic.
  12. You’ve grown so much!
  13. I’m lucky to get to mark your work.
  14. You’re extremely intelligent!
  15. You seem to enjoy this topic!
  16. You have an impeccable approach to learning!
  17. Your work is so creative!
  18. This gets my stamp of approval!
  19. I’m proud of how well you’ve done this week.
  20. Your potential is in abundance!
  21. I think you have a great vision for the future!
  22. This is peak performance.
  23. I knew you could do this!
  24. You have done me proud!
  25. You’re on top of it with this one!
  26. High five!
  27. I can tell you gave this your all.
  28. You were so focused on this task.
  29. Best effort so far!
  30. This page sparkles!
  31. I love this sentence in particular.
  32. Your work is so thought-provoking. Teach me more!
  33. With this kind of work, you are unstoppable!
  34. This piece is out of this world.
  35. I appreciate all the hard work you put into this lesson.
  36. Your problem-solving skills are very sharp.
  37. You have lots of talent.
  38. Look at all the progress you’ve made!
  39. How come you are this artistic?
  40. You did your best. That’s all that matters.
  41. Your motivation is astonishing!
  42. The way you express your ideas is clear and concise.
  43. What a persuasive argument!
  44. With work like this, I can tell you’ve paid attention to classes!
  45. This essay was well thought out.
  46. Right on target!
  47. You are very attentive. No wonder your work is amazing!
  48. It’s been a pleasure to grade this!
  49. Massive well done today!
  50. These are promising maths skills!
  51. You make an excellent writer!
  52. You ought to feel proud of yourself!
  53. This is beautiful!
  54. The examples you used were on point!
  55. Way to go, superstar!
  56. What great attention to detail!
  57. Where did you get this remarkable information from?
  58. Look at what you have achieved!
  59. This blew me away!
  60. You are capable of doing hard things!
  61. You have worked through your challenges!
  62. You rock!
  63. You are gifted!
  64. You have a good grasp of this subject.
  65. This is a big accomplishment.
  66. You are an inspiration to me!
  67. I believe in you!
  68. Keep doing work like this, and you’ll be set up for success!
  69. This made me smile.
  70. A-grade work!
  71. This is a fine example of bright thinking!
  72. You sounded very confident in this work!
  73. You’ve got pizzaz!
  74. I can’t wait to see what you come up with next time.
  75. Great idea!
  76. I love this observation you’ve made!
  77. I cannot believe how neat this looks.
  78. You’ve been practicing for this one, haven’t you?
  79. My goodness, I’m genuinely impressed!
  80. I have high hopes for your future!
  81. You look to have enjoyed doing this work!
  82. You’re a quality student!
  83. You’re shining like a star!
  84. You sounded very mature when writing this piece.
  85. I’m happy you chose such an important topic.
  86. This is pure talent!
  87. Einstein would be amazed!
  88. I love this!
  89. Hypnotic work!
  90. Hooray! You did it!
  91. This makes me want to dance for joy!
  92. Never doubt yourself with work like this!
  93. You’re the best!
  94. I want to present this to the class!
  95. Doing good work feels amazing.
  96. You wrote exactly what I had in mind.
  97. Keep going!
  98. Almost there – you’re so close!
  99. The way you write is perceptive. I’m stunned!
  100. What a winner!
  101. Your writing has such vivid imagery within it.
  102. Where do you get such good ideas from?
  103. Who taught you how to do this so well?
  104. Mesmerizing!
  105. Let’s celebrate!
  106. This work is magical!
  107. I don’t think you could have done anything better!
  108. I’m looking forward to marking your next paper.
  109. Treat yourself tonight!
  110. Wow! Way to go!

There you have it! Get using these quotes in the classroom today to unlock the power of praise.