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I've worked in My Title 1 school for the last 22 plus years. And I have seen that…

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I've worked in My Title 1 school for the last 22 plus years. And I have seen that teachers sometimes bankrupt ourselves in trying to give back to the community off another expense. Unfortunately tax laws will not allow us to actually claim the expense anymore that we place into our classroom, and many teachers even leave the profession rather than continue to have so much of their meager paychecks going back into their classrooms. This is why I'm seeking help from the public sector, past students, educational philanthropists, concerned citizens, and stakeholders in our communities. We must find a way to adequately fund our schools so that we can give the quality education that students deserve. If not for education where would we all be? Education is the great equalizer when it comes to breaking the cycle of poverty..... It has allowed many people to reach beyond their beginning circumstance and then reach heights and aspire to great things.

Give back, support the people who daily try to improve the opportunities and future of our Nation's greatest resource; children. Education- level, Financial knowledge, and Literacy play a great role in who our children become please give as you can and your heart leads you to..... God bless.

Each year, I place at least attempt of my income back into my class.... And I will do so until I retire, however the unfortunate cost of funding many projects in our geographic area can encompass much more than that.

"He who opens a school door, closes a prison" -Victor Hugo”

What will the funds be used for

It will provide the needed supplies for students that do not have them, classroom supplies for projects, and classroom Library funds for purchase of high interest graphic novels and young adult literature, as well as replacement of outdated and damaged materials

Donations made to \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"JB\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\" Jon Kirkland

"He who opens a school door, closes a prison" -Victor Hugo”

Same-Day Funding Guaranteed

All teachers receive funding immediately. We made it our mission to support teachers and to allow others to provide immediate support.