As a teacher, you need lots of supplies for your classroom, yourself, and your students.

To help you gather those things easily, we’ve made a list of 50 essential items for teachers that you can purchase on Amazon.

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Cheap and essential items for teachers on Amazon

We do NOT receive a financial gain from this article. All items have been selected based on the essential items for teachers.

1. Sharpened pencils

The pencil is a classroom essential; students can often go through pencils quite quickly and are prone to get lost. So stock up on boxes of pencils here.

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2. Letter tray

As a teacher, you often write letters to parents to let them know of their child’s progress or sometimes to inform them of issues. It’s good to have a letter tray to keep organized.

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3. Magnetic hooks

Every student turns up with some form of coat or jacket, and to prevent the classroom from looking untidy, it’s smart to purchase magnetic hooks to hang up jackets and coats.

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4. White labels

White labels are usually for a variety of things in the classroom. They can be useful for a student to place their names on their books or items.


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5. Magnetic clips

Organization in a classroom is essential, and magnetic clips can help you keep important documents and worksheets organized.

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6. Desk organizer

Take the stress out of a messy desk with a desk organizer. Know where everything is when you need it most.

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7. Grade book

Stay on top of your student’s grades by using a grade book. An easy way to spot patterns or trends in increasing or falling grades.

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8. Flair pens

Fast-drying, water-based ink doesn’t smear and won’t bleed through the paper, making it an excellent choice for your marking and writing needs.

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9. Post It notes

A teacher is essential for remembering important tasks that need to be done. They can also be used in classroom games or for teaching purposes too.

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10. Command hooks

Command hooks are a great classroom add-on for hanging coats, scarves, and hats (in the colder months) to avoid a messy classroom.

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11. Velcro fasteners

These are excellent for organizing smaller items such as paper clips, and staples and sticking them to one place.

Purchase velcro fasteners

12. Paper organizer

Keep the paper organized with a useful paper organizer. You can separate important documents, worksheets, and much more.

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13. Stuff rack

A stuff rack is perfect for keeping your student’s items organized. They can use a stuffed rack to place their lunch boxes or other essentials.

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14. Magnets

Magnets are perfect if you are using a whiteboard or blackboard for teaching. You can hang notes and pictures to aid and illustrate teachings.

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15. Stapler

A stapler is a teacher’s essential item to help keep yourself and your notes organized. Remember, organization leads to less stress in the classroom.

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16. File folders

Keep all your files for different subjects in a file folder. This means you can easily access the necessary materials when you need them.

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17. Paper lesson planners.

Ensure your students get the best out of your lessons by planning well. Use a lesson planner to stay organized and stick to timings throughout the day.

Purchase paper lesson planners

18. Clipboards

Clipboards are useful for keeping important documents or holding worksheets and other paper-based items.

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19. Binder clips

Keep worksheets together, and important documents, such as school trip sign-up sheets, consent form sheets, etc., altogether with binder clips.

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20. Paper clips

Paper clips will help keep everything together and allow you to stay organized in the classroom.

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21. Hanging file folders

Hanging file folders are useful for keeping each subject you teach organized and easy to access when needed.

Purchase hanging file folders

22. Clear ruler

Every teacher needs a ruler, and so does every student. It’s a good idea to invest in a box of rulers in case your students forget theirs or it breaks.

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23. Laminator

A laminator is essential if you use a projector as a teaching aid. You can also add notes to laminated sheets, which are also useful for teaching, and they’re protected from spills or accidents!

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24. Paper cutter

A paper cutter is a classroom essential for all your paper-cutting needs! It’s a perfect item for arts and crafts.

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25. Colorful card stock

Colorful card stock is another arts and crafts essential in the classroom. Perfect for getting creative and showcasing artwork on the walls.

Purchase colorful card stock

26. Paper towels

Accidents happen, and paper towels are essential for wiping up and keeping items clean, especially during break time or when doing arts and crafts.

Purchase paper towels

27. Staple remover

A staple remover is needed if you must detach staples from a piece of work and add more items. It’s usually a one-time purchase that lasts a long time.

Purchase staple remover

28. Timer

A timer is a useful item for various scenarios such as tests in the classroom, for free time, or for playing games with students.

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29. Glue sticks

Glue sticks are an essential item for arts and crafts. But they often get used quickly, so stock up on a few boxes.

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30. Kids book set

It’s always a great idea to have some fun reading material for children in the classroom to help encourage learning. They can try to read on their own or you can read with them.

Purchase kids books set

31. Kleenex

Kleenex is an essential item, especially during the colder months with coughs and colds can appear. Have them on hand to avoid spreading germs.

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32. Ink date stamp

You can use an ink date stamp to help organize the teaching days better. They are useful for grading work or writing letters to parents, and keeping track of days.

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33. Three-hole punch

An essential teacher item to allowing paper sheets to be placed into a file binder. This helps keep everything together in one place and is perfect for different subjects.

Purchase three-hole punch

34. Dry-erase board eraser

If you are using a whiteboard in the classroom for teaching, then this is an essential item to remove from previous work with ease.

Purchase dry-erase board eraser

35. Index cards

Index cards are a useful learning tool for both students and teachers. Use them to make notes or for students to make small notes.

Purchase index cards

36. Printer paper

Printer paper is needed if you’ve got a printer in the classroom. Keep printer paper separate, so you don’t run out when it’s needed.

Purchase printer paper

37. Plastic bins

Plastic bins are perfect for storing toy items or even specific subject-teaching items. Label each box to keep things in order.

Purchase plastic bins

38. Magnetic pocket charts

This is a perfect item to help aid children’s learning. They can use them to write to stick magnets numbers on during maths practice or letters during spelling practice.

Purchase magnetic pocket charts

39. File crates

Classrooms can often be crowded with students and items, so save space by using a file crate to keep all your essential files in one convenient place.

Purchase file crates

40. Dry-erase markers

These are essential if you are using a whiteboard for teaching. Get a variety of different colors to help with teaching and learning.

Purchase dry-erase markers

41. Wet wipes

A classroom is full of germs, so wet wipes are perfect for keeping hands clean and cleaning tables or toys after use.

Purchase wet wipes

42. Washable markers

Arts and crafts can get messy, but when you use washable markers, you know you can remove any stains or mess created.

Purchase washable markers

43. Conversation cubes

These are perfect for the beginning of the class year to allow children to get to know each other. This can be a way to help them make new friendships.

Purchase conversation cubes

44. Educational globe

An educational globe is perfect for teaching geography, and it’s a good way to encourage interaction with students about the world and to learn about new areas.

Purchase educational globe

45. Numbered dice

A numbered dice is a great item in the classroom as it’s useful in mathematics teachings or any classroom learning games you may play.

Purchase numbered dice

46. Learning money

There’s no better way to teach children about money than giving them something to imagine with. Learning money is a great way to practice.

Purchase learning money

47. File organizer

Stay organized with a file organizer and arrange subjects by day or teaching time. This will create a clean and structured learning environment.

Purchase file organizer

48. Caddies

Go clutter-free in the classroom with caddies. These are perfect for keeping arts and crafts items organized into one space. The rounded handle means it’s safe for children to handle.

Purchase caddies

49. Printer

Every classroom needs a printer. Whether you need to print off new worksheets or typed letters to parents, a printer is essential in the classroom.

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50. Highlighters

Highlighters are great for teachers marking work to highlight areas that need to be reviewed or areas of work you were impressed by.

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Teacher school supplies summary

Gathering all these items can add up costs, and many need replacing regularly.

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