There’s a good chance that you’ll be able to find free classes for toddlers & kids in your area.

While there are many types of classes for toddlers and young children, free classes for kids are offered by these companies:

  • Michael’s
  • Home Depot
  • The Pottery Barn Kids
  • The Disney Store
  • Lego Stores
  • The Lakeshore Learning Center

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What can toddlers and young children learn from a free kids’ workshop?

These classes can be great for toddlers and young children to create some of their first arts and crafts. However, there’s more that these classes can teach kids who are preschool-aged and younger, such as helping them to gain the following skills:

  • Teamwork: Many of these classes help to teach young children how to cooperate to create craft projects, play games together, and more.
  • Hands-on skills: Because these classes often focus on arts and crafts projects, they’re extremely effective in helping youngsters become more proficient with hands-on tasks.
  • Listening skills: Free classes will require young children to listen to instructions, which will help improve their attention span and listening skills.

1. What type of free children’s classes are offered by Michael’s?

Michael’s offers classes for kids quite often, and they’re a great option for any parent wondering, How do I find activities for kids near me?

You’ll be able to take young children to these classes several times a month. Additional classes are offered before the holidays; some run every day for an entire week! In most cases, the classes have a holiday or seasonal theme. Therefore, they’re perfect around Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, other holidays, and the start of a particular season.

2. What kind of free classes are offered by Home Depot?

Home Depot classes are available on the first Saturday of each month. They offer arts and crafts classes, allowing children to build models of race cars, frames for photos, planters, and more! Furthermore, Home Depot provides participants with an orange apron and a pin after completing the class. The popularity of these free classes makes it important to sign up well in advance. Luckily, Home Depot has branches in most cities, making their kids’ activities very easily accessible.

3. What does The Pottery Barn Kids offer?

The Pottery Barn Kids offers free classes every weekend, and the activities typically have a theme, from children’s giveaways to books. Not only do they offer free arts and crafts classes, but they also offer a storytime each week. In some cases, their classes will also allow you to bring something home. While their classes are geared toward young children, kids of any age can attend.

4. What can you expect from The Disney Store’s free classes?

The Disney Store offers free classes several times each month and offers free gifts, stories, and music. These events allow you to register using a first-come, first-served system. This means that it’s important to register for these classes fast before space runs out! The Disney Store has numerous branches in small and large cities throughout the country, and its branches can often be found in shopping malls and plazas.

5. What classes does The Lego Store offer children?

While they don’t offer free classes for toddlers, the Lego Store provides free classes that give children from 6-14 an opportunity to build a miniature model using Legos. Not only that, but the store even allows children to take their creations home! The Lego Store has branches in many regions of the country, and these stores are often found in shopping malls.

6. What type of classes are offered by The Lakeshore Learning Center?

Classes from this organization are geared toward kids who are at least 3. The crafts that kids build during them are simple, but children often find them lots of fun. The Lakeshore Learning Center has branches throughout the country and is a known provider of quality learning materials for children. You won’t need to make a reservation, and these free classes for kids are available every Saturday!