Education is online more than ever before – and Instagram is no exception to that rule.

Hundreds of teachers are now utilizing Instagram to not only post about their own experiences but find new ideas and resources. We hope you like this list. We wish we could have listed every teacher influencer, but we couldn’t list them all!

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97 of the most influential teachers on Instagram

Read on for 97 of the top teacher influencers on Instagram today:

1. Hadar

Hadar is an incredibly popular kindergarten educator who shares free resources and information to support other teachers worldwide.

  • Handle: @misskindergarten
  • Bio: Kindergarten teacher in SoCal ??‍? Loves organizing and Target ? Mama to two adorable babes ???? Link in profile ??

2. Ashley

Ashley focuses on providing education to teachers and students to enhance the classroom experience.

  • Handle: @teachcreatemotivate
  • Bio: Teach Create Motivate® ? teacher | ? saved by grace ✏️classroom management & student choice ✨ teacher tees & charms ?dallas [email protected] shop any pic here??

3. Michelle Griffo

Michelle is a California-based educator and parent who is all about crafts and creativity in the classroom.

  • Handle: @applesandabcs
  • Bio: ?Educator ??‍?Mommy ?Website: Apples and ABC’s ✏️TpT Store: Michelle Griffo ✨Enchanted Little Learning Corner Membership ? @targetteachers

4. Michelle & Hadaer

This pair of educators work with Target to provide education and resources to students.

5. Joanne Miller

Joanne focuses on engaging learning experiences and boosting her students’ confidence with every lesson.

  • Handle: @headoverheelsforteaching
  • Bio: •4th Grade Teacher-25th year •Mother of 3 ❤️ •TPT Store: Joanne Miller •Engage students and celebrate learning •Blog: www.headoverheelsforteaching.com

6. Emily

Emily’s core focus is on creating incredible classrooms and producing fun resources for students in her class and worldwide.

  • Handle: @polka.dots.please
  • Bio: ? creating a classroom kids love ✏️ designing engaging resources ? sharing ideas with teachers ?? click here for all the things

7. Bethany Humphrey

This Nashville-based teacher has embraced hybrid learning and provides guidance and expertise on navigating a digital landscape.

  • Handle: @teachingandsofourth
  • Bio: Nashville • Teacher • Presenter • TpT Seller • @campteachandgrow

8. Juan Edgar Gonzalez Jr.

Mr. G is a staple in public school education influencers and focuses on empathy, literature, and general teaching.

  • Handle: @teaching3rdwithmrg
  • Bio: Public School Teacher (he/him/his) • Children’s Literature Lover • Co-owner of @campteachandgrow

9. Chelsea

If you like educators that talk about the reality of schooling, Chelsea’s Instagram page might be an excellent place to start.

  • Handle: @letsplayschool
  • Bio: Let’s Play School Playing school all day & keepin’ it real ?? Homeschool ➕ Motherhood Preschool – First Grade Curriculum Maker SHOP?? Contact Info in Story Highlight

10. Amy Groesbeck

Amy delivers enjoyable, fun information on what it’s like to be a teacher, what it takes, and how to make the most out of your classroom.

  • Handle: @theamygroesbeck
  • Bio: ? M.Ed. in Elementary Education ? TheAnimatedTeacher.com ? Anchor Charts ? #180daysinthelifeofateacher Clickable Links ??

11. Ashley Ramirez

A Texas teacher passionate about her work, Ashley provides technology tips and even runs podcasts alongside her day-to-day work.

  • Handle: @texaslonestarteacher
  • Bio: •5th Grade Teacher •Be The Change •TPT: Texas Lone Star Teacher??

12. Alex

A dedicated teacher for pre-k and kindergarten educators, Alex helps teachers gain the confidence needed to do more in their classrooms.

  • Handle: @thekindergartenconnection
  • Bio: TK Teacher ?I help Pre-K and Kindergarten teachers collaborate, stress less, save time, and gain confidence in the classroom. ?Get the Sunday Surprise ⬇️

13. Whitney Ramirez

A host of a weekly teaching podcast and a dedicated teacher, Whitney works with 2nd and 3rd grade and is passionate about all things educational.

  • Handle: @learningwithcrayons
  • Bio: Teacher ✏️2nd & 3rd Grade Teacher ✂️?Literacy & Math centers are my JAM ?✨Host of Wednesdays with Whitney Podcast ??San Diego, CA ???????

14. Emily

Emily delivers incredible teacher resources for primary education with a focus on curriculum and strategy.

  • Handle: @educationtothecore
  • Bio: Education to the Core ✏️Teacher Resource Creator ?Empowering primary teachers with effective, simple, and done for you strategies & curriculum. ??‍?

15. Joey Udovich

Joey is a skilled educator, blogger, and writer who provides insight into her world as an ELA teacher.

  • Handle: @joeyudovich
  • Bio: ⭐️Wife & Mama of 3 ??????‍♀‍ ⭐️TpT Author/Blogger ✏️? ⭐️5th Grade ELA Teacher ??‍? ⭐️ Door Decor & Planner Obsessed!!

16. Amy

Amy makes the classroom magical by putting her spin on education for her students.

  • Handle: @theuniqueclassroom
  • Bio: 3rd Grade Teacher “The more you are like yourself, the less you are like anyone else, which makes you UNIQUE.” – Walt Disney

17. Haylee Harwick

Haylee is all about the real talk regarding education, with tips and truths to help you become a more inspiring educator.

  • Handle: @hellomrsharwick
  • Bio: Teacher Teacher truths+ tips + technology Tales of Teaching Podcast Just trying to inspire tiny humans ✨

18. Amber

Ohio-based Amber provides a ‘day in the life style Instagram that most teachers can instantly relate to.

19. Lauralee Moss

Lauralee is an accomplished author and ELA teacher focusing on educating other teachers and providing valuable resources.

  • Handle: @elaclassroom
  • Bio: ELA teacher – author of The English Grammar Workbook (Amazon, B&N) ?✏️ coffee addict – book lover – blogger #firstchapterfriday #elatoday @ela_today

20. Jessi

Engaging in learning, new experiences, and fun classroom games is what Jessi excels in.

  • Handle: @cootiesandcuties
  • Bio: ? 4/5 combo teacher | she/her ✂️ creator, dreamer, adventurer ✏️ last minute planner ? texas • dubai • colorado

21. Hillary

Hillary’s no-nonsense and refreshing approach to simple teaching makes her a top choice for fellow teachers and educators.

  • Handle: @teachingwithoutfrills
  • Bio: Kindergarten Teacher •Simple + authentic teaching ideas. No frills. •Black Lives Matter •Personal-ish account: @hillwithoutfrills •YouTube + TpT + other stuff??

22. Meg

Meg handles her teaching experience with excellent humor and provides insight into kindergarten special ed as a qualified professional.

  • Handle: @myclassrunsontargetandcoffee
  • Bio: K•Teacher ?15th year teaching || Kindergarten SPED & interventionist ??momma ✌?|wifey ?to shop, find deals & share how to use ?Book lover|expert|hoarder ?

23. Alicia

Alicia is a teacher, librarian, and maker who loves getting hands-on with her students.

  • Handle: @primaryscouts
  • Bio: Kindergarten Teacher ??‍?Kinder, Certified Librarian + Maker ?Creative & Hands-on + Kid Lit ?Master’s: Library Science ✨Tap the link for engaging tools:

24. Diane

Diane’s Instagram is the place to be for positivity and sunshine plus great resources.

  • Handle: @onegiggle
  • Bio: My days are spent giggling with kids ? Spreading positivity ?❤️ Creating resources to help teachers grow ? ?Click here for all things One Giggle linkinprofile.com/onegiggle

25. Alisha

Alisha’s informative feed is an excellent way to gain some inspiration if you’re stuck on teaching ideas.

  • Handle: @missingtoothgrins
  • Bio: K-2 TEACHING IDEAS ?Teacher Resource Designer ?Passion for serving k-2 teachers with engaging ideas to use tomorrow ?Toddler Mama ?www.missingtoothgrins.com linkinprofile.com/missingtoothgrins

26. Maddie Fairchild

Maddie is an educator focusing on delivering a fun and positive experience for her students at all times.

  • Handle: @fairchildin5th
  • Bio: Funny and anxious 5th grade ELAR teacher in TX.❤️??‍?? The link to my backpack is in my amazon highlights. @projectillbethere founder ⭐️ linktr.ee/fairchildin5th

27. Meredith Morgan

A kindergarten-focused educator, Meredith delivers reading resources for educators via her website.

28. Laura Segerson

Laura’s feed is focused on all things curriculum and learning resources based, with many original ideas to support teachers and students alike.

  • Handle: @southernbelleteaching
  • Bio: ELA teacher ?Helping busy teachers save time! ?Curriculum & Teaching Resources Creator ?Sharing tips & tricks for the classroom Join the fun ⤵️

29. Rebekah Poe

Rebekah is an Alabama-based teacher with plenty of support and insight into supporting children needing extra care and help.

  • Handle: @lessons_and_lattes
  • Bio: Special Education Teacher Rebekah Poe Resource/Inclusion SPED tips, differentiation, inclusion & inspiration Free differentiation checklist ??

30. Elyse Rycroft

A primary educator with vast experience in various techniques and skills, Elyse provides excellent information on new ideas and concepts for teachers to try.

  • Handle: @proudtobeprimary
  • Bio: Teacher Ideas ??K-2 teacher-author-mama ?‍?‍?‍? ?transforming classrooms through SEL ??‍?www.proudtobeprimary.com ??click here for anything I share

31. Jessice Hursh

Jessica delivers a slice of life realness through Instagram, talking about the highs and lows of kindergarten education.

  • Handle: @theteachertalk
  • Bio: ?#Teachertalkideas ?‍? Mamma & teacher! Sharing real life ideas & moments of mama & teacher life! ? TheTeacherTalk.com #kindergarten

32. Amy Johnson

Amy is an enthusiastic teacher who provides her students with a fun and worthwhile learning experience – documented through her Instagram page.

  • Handle: @handmadeteacher
  • Bio: Formerly The Joys in Mrs Johnson’s Room ?Illinois ? Wife & Mom ??? ✏️ 2nd Grade Teacher | Year 7 ? TPT ⬇️

33. Dana

A lover of books, rainbows, and all things 2nd grade, Dana is a ray of sunshine that teachers love to follow.

  • Handle: @2ndgradesassypants
  • Bio: 2nd Grade Teacher ?? Wife & Mom of 3 ? Unlock Games co-author ? All the books ? Rainbows ? Teaching ideas ? Organization

34. Patti

Patti proves that there’s no such thing as knowing everything. As a teacher, she continues to learn and evolve in her split-grade classroom – and you can come along for the ride.

  • Handle: @madlylearning
  • Bio: Madly Learning Mom, Teacher, Blogger, and TPT’er from southern Ontario sharing my adventures as a junior teacher of a split grade classroom.

35. Kelli

Kelli’s aesthetically pleasing, color-focused grid is sure to appeal to educators in need of classroom inspiration.

  • Handle: @mrscessacsclass
  • Bio: Elementary Teacher 3rd grader teacher in Tennessee ? Lover of books, color schemes, and my students, past and present! ? Child of God, Wife, and Mom ❤️

36. Kim

With equal coverage of her children’s development and the teaching profession, Kim delivers a balanced feed that many love.

37. Lindsay Sauer

As a first-grade educator, Lindsay invites you into her classroom to discover how she makes her students her number one priority.

  • Handle: @sweetnsauerfirsties
  • Bio: First Grade Teacher ?‍? | Book Lover ? | Coloradoan ⛰ | Target Enthusiast ?| Forever Learner ? |

38. Brandy

With a unique perspective on education, Brandy is a published author and an excellent teacher – plus, well worth a follow.

  • Handle: @thecounselingteacherbrandy
  • Bio: The Counseling Teacher Brandy ??‍?Author of Learn, Grow, Succeed! ?Blog: TheCounselingTeacher.com ??Shop Posts??

39. Jillian Starr

Jillian is a passionate educator who delivers support through resources, blogging, and online resources.

  • Handle: @jillianstarrteaching
  • Bio: Teacher ? 2nd Grade • she/her ??‍? Blogger ? Teaching Resources ? Podcast ?? Link to Resources

40. Ashley

Focusing on self-care, positive mindsets, and empowerment make Ashley incredible support for hundreds of stressed teachers trying to do their best.

  • Handle: @thecalmishteacher
  • Bio: Teacher Self Care ☀️Self-Care, Mindset, & Empowering Educators ? #5thgradeTeacher (NJ) ✏️ Formerly Pencils & Playgrounds ⬇️ Click for more

41. Becca

As a fan of biology and geography, Becca passes her passions on to her students as a high school biology teacher and lover of all things science.

  • Handle: @sciencelessonsthatrock
  • Bio: Science Teacher ??‍? ? High school biology teacher ??‍? Sharing tips and ideas on my blog! ? Phoenix, AZ ? Lover of geology & biology Missed a post link? Find it here ??

42. Stephanie

Stephanie is an experienced educator and blogger who enjoys exploring new learning techniques and processes.

  • Handle: @teachinginroom6
  • Bio: Elementary Teacher ?Blogger {est 2011} ✨All about rigor in the classroom ? History, writing, read aloud, tech ?‍♀‍ Let’s talk teaching! ?‍♀‍ I am so glad you are here!!

43. Carol Hernandez

As a teacher, blogger, and mental health advocate, Carol goes above and beyond to create a positive community and provide online support for those in need.

  • Handle: @thesupersparklyteacher
  • Bio: Teacher • TpT Author Sometimes Blogger Mental Health Advocate Tech Cheerleader ?TpT• The Super Sparkly Teacher

44. Ha

Ha is a passionate teacher focusing on STEM and traveling beyond the classroom.

  • Handle: @happydaysinfirstgrade
  • Bio: Teacher Crafter Traveler ? Primary STEM Teacher ?? Mommy, Crafter, Traveler ??‍? TpT K-2 Author ? Content Creator & Brand Ambassador ??Click for Teaching FREEBIES and Ideas

45. Chad Boender

Chad offers his perspective as a male kindergarten teacher, with plenty of insight into his life and career.

  • Handle: @malekindergartenteacher
  • Bio: ?: Kindergarten Teacher ?: MaleKindergartenTeacher.com ?: TpT Author: Male Kindergarten Teacher ?: Kalamazoo, Michigan

46. Danielle Alanna

As a self-styled ‘hot mess,’ Danielle is as honest as it gets regarding her take on teaching, learning, and everything in between.

  • Handle: @hotmessteaching
  • Bio: A glorious mess of a teacher who’s been saved by God’s grace!?

47. Mandy Hank

Arizona-based Mandy is a first-year teacher passionate about showing off her classroom. Her feed is a source of great inspiration for many fellow teachers.

  • Handle: @thesweetlifeofteaching
  • Bio: 1st grade teacher Hi! My name is Mandy Hank! I teach a bunch of “firsties” ? in AZ!? ?ASU graduate ??Busy Mom and Wifey-poo? TPT newbie!?

48. Abbie

A Las Vegas-based educator, Abbie’s passion is in supporting her fellow educators and providing other teachers with the knowledge they need to grow.

  • Handle: @kindergarten_chaos
  • Bio: Wife. Mom. Teacher. Las Vegas. Passionate about Jesus, Kindergarten, and helping teachers! Blogs at Kindergarten Chaos #kindergarten #teachersofig

49. Karen

If you love a colorful feed, Karen has you covered with plenty of classroom inspiration.

  • Handle: @mrsstampskindergarten
  • Bio: Kindergarten Teacher ? Wife and Mommy of 2 ? Learning should be FUN!! ? Color and organization in the classroom ? Links for all things Kinder ??

50. Katie

If you want to know how it’s done overseas, Katies is the place to learn about classroom inspiration, ideas, and positive lesson planning.

  • Handle: @forteachers
  • Bio: ForTeachers? ??UK Primary School Teacher ? YouTube – ‘For Teachers’ ✈️Teaching Abroad?? Classroom Inspiration, Ideas & positivity? TRAINEE TEACHER GUIDE & more!?

51. Cara Carroll

Cara is an education expert with extensive knowledge in just about every avenue of teaching you can think of.

  • Handle: @justcaracarroll
  • Bio: Teacher Author •Jesus Girl •National Speaker|Staff Developer •TPT: Cara Carroll • ?justcaracarroll .com •The First Grade Parade •Co-owner @shopcoffeetococktails ?TX

52. Nikki

Nikki takes her role as a specialist autism educator seriously, with podcasts, resources, and more to support her fellow teachers.

  • Handle: @teachingautism
  • Bio: Teaching Autism ? Hi, I’m Nikki, an Autism Specialist. ? ? Podcast: Teaching Autism and Special Education. ? Years Experience. ?‍? Click ⬇️ for all the links.

53. Montana Riley

An ELA teacher and YouTuber, Montana provides an upbeat look into her daily teaching life.

  • Handle: @teachinganduplifting
  • Bio: ? Northern Virginia ? 4th Grade ELA Teacher ? TPT Seller ? Teacher YouTuber

54. Nicki

Nikki is a teacher and education blogger that delivers countless free resources to educators.

  • Handle: @thesprinkletoppedteacher
  • Bio: Teacher Blogger Teachers Pay Teachers Author • Spreading smiles to teachers with weekly sunshine mail full of teacher tips & free resources! ? Click below to shop!

55. Marsha McGuire

A kindergarten teacher with a fascinating life, Marsha is a blogger, author, and teacher in equal measure.

  • Handle: @differkinder
  • Bio: Teacher blogger/author. Proud ‘momma’ to three Irish Lads and a Dobie and a wife! Cancer-mom, Osteosarcoma-Mom, Hemophilia-Mom. God is SO good!

56. Stephanie

Struggling with productivity? Stephanie has all the tips, tricks, and time savers to help you get your teaching on track.

  • Handle: @teachinglittleleaders
  • Bio: Teacher Productivity ? K Teacher ? I help busy teachers reclaim their time by sharing effective planning + prep strategies ? #TLLtimesavers ?? click for all links

57. Chris Kesler

What Chris doesn’t know about science isn’t worth knowing – and with plenty of activities on the feed, you’ll be sure to discover something that works for your class.

  • Handle: @keslerscience
  • Bio: Science Lessons ? I Create Engaging Activities For Busy Science Teachers #keslerscience

58. Dr. Erica Colon

Interested in curriculum design? Dr. Erica Colon is the place to start for Science and STEM-focused curriculum inspiration.

  • Handle: @nittygrittyscience
  • Bio: ?Science curriculum designer ?Science and STEM advocate ??Science Education Speaker/Host @championsforsciencea

59. Keri

Keri delivers resources and information on all the latest tech for kindergarten and up.

  • Handle: @enchantedkindergarden
  • Bio: Enchanted Kinder Garden ??Kindergarten teacher ?Obsessed with integrating tech ? TpT store: Keri Brown ? Website: Enchanted Kinder Garden ??Links from my pictures here:

60. Abby Gross

As a passionate English teacher, Abby helps students see the joy and fun of reading and writing in ELA.

  • Handle: @writeonwithmissg
  • Bio: English Teacher ? Middle & High School ELA Teacher ? Resource designer & teacher-blogger ✨ @keepingthewonder presenter ? Click below for ideas, blog posts, & more!

61. Susie Rios

Susie advocates for all things tech in education and supports teachers with curriculum technology and guidance.

  • Handle: @panickedteacher
  • Bio: ?Susie | M Ed. Curriculum / Ed Leadership ?Teacher * Curriculum * Technology ?NBCT ? Illinois>Iowa>California ?Google Classroom ?Taught 1st-5th

62. Rach Jamison

A teacher and writer, Rach combine the best of both worlds to provide a window into her 5th-grade teaching experience.

  • Handle: @fifthismyjam
  • Bio: 5th Grade Teacher ?? Teacher & Creator/Writer ?‍? ?? Military Spouse ? ?? She/her + ginger mom ?? ?? Pug enthusiast ?

63. Jess Smith

Jess delivers slice-of-life realness on her Instagram, with stories directly from her kids and classroom to motivate and inspire others.

  • Handle: @teachertalesofmisssmith
  • Bio: •Teacher Tales of Miss Smith • ??Hi! I’m Jess ?3rd Grade Teacher ⭐️Daily Survivor of Teacher Life ?Conductor of the Hot Mess Express

64. Carrie

For kindergarten resources and inspiration by the bucketload, Carrie is the ideal person to follow.

  • Handle: @adventuresinkinder
  • Bio: Kindergarten Teacher ??‍? Inspiring elementary teachers to make learning fun ? ?? ??Click here for engaging resources:

65. Jamie Sears

An experienced curriculum author, blogger, and teacher, Jamie is more accomplished than most in her area of passion.

  • Handle: @notsowimpyteacher
  • Bio: I’m a wife, mother, education blogger and curriculum author. Third graders are my jam! Check out my blog at notsowimpyteacher.com.

66. Darla Myers

If you’re keen to learn about kindergartens outside of public school norms, Darla’s teaching methods and Instagram feed are excellent places to start.

  • Handle: @darlamyersclass
  • Bio: Welcome to our Project/Inquiry, Reggio inspired Kindergarten where we use the children’s interests, projects and play to teach 21st Century Skills.

67. Ashley

Ashley’s dedication and passion for education as both a teacher and author are clear to see – if you’re looking for a curriculum focus, she’s the one to follow.

  • Handle: @learningwithmisslagrow
  • Bio: 3rd Grade ? 4th —> 3rd ? M.S.Ed. Curriculum & Instruction ? Illinois —> Iowa ? TPT Author

68. Melissa

As both a passionate blogger and teacher, plus a stellar curriculum writer, Melissa is a fantastic beacon in the teaching community.

  • Handle: @teacherthrive
  • Bio: ✏️Curriculum Writer ✏️Teacher Blogger ❤️Mom and Wife ?Aspiring Cat Lady

69. Jayme

Jayme’s Instagram focuses on the early years, looking at what parents and teachers can do to help toddlers have the best start in life.

  • Handle: @teachtalkinspire
  • Bio: Toddler Activities ✨Former teacher sharing educational activities for before and after nap time?‍?✨ Toddler and Preschool Printables ? 100 First Words For Toddlers??

70. Gina

If you’re looking for passion and enthusiasm in kindergarten teaching, Gina ticks all the boxes for support and fun.

  • Handle: @teachingwithheart
  • Bio: Kindergarten ?Kindergarten Teacher ?MA Elem Ed ?I help K teachers manage their classrooms ??Click to start learning how now!

71. Brianna

Briana is passionate about supporting teachers and helping kindergarten students get the most out of a positive educational experience.

  • Handle: @teachingthetinies
  • Bio: Teaching The Tinies ? Kinder ➡️ First ?Passionate about helping⁣⁣ littles & teachers thrive ? Lover of hugs & spreading sunshine ☀️⬇️All my favorite things

72. Danielle

A creative and passionate educator, Danielle is all about looking on the positive side in her teaching and her life.

  • Handle: @aloha.kindergarten
  • Bio: Kinder Teacher ? ?Phil 4:6-7 ?bright + happy ?aloha on my mind ?TPT: Aloha Kindergarten ?Etsy: The Pineapple Girl Design Co. Shop here??

73. Elizabeth

Elizabeth is an author and educator passionate about empathetic, kinder teaching in the classroom.

  • Handle: @thekinderheartedclassroom
  • Bio: Teacher Author ♡ National Speaker ♡ TPT Author ♡ Youtube ♡ Brand Ambassador Tag repost images @thekinderheartedclassroom ? California

74. Kristin

A first-grade educator and blogger, Kristin provides resources pre-tested by her class to support thousands of teachers working in 1st grade.

  • Handle: @ateenytinyteacher
  • Bio: Elementary Teacher ? 1st Grade ☺️ Kristin ? ateenytinyteacher.com ? Teacher • Blogger • Creator ? Kid Tested ➞ Teacher Approved Resources ? all LINKS here??

75. Sara

When it comes to teaching, Sara doesn’t take herself too seriously. But, with a sense of humor to all her posts, she’s a fun follow for any other teachers off the beaten path.

  • Handle: @drazs_class
  • Bio: Elementary Teacher ?? ??! I’m a ☕️Caffeine-fueled ?teacher from ?MN ??Living my best, albeit sometimes snarky and off-topic, life! Collab at @igconnect4edu LEARN MORE??

76. Theresa

Theresa provides a glimpse into her life as a positive classroom educator in Florida and an active blogger.

  • Handle: @truelifeimateacher
  • Bio: 2nd Grade Teacher ??‍?Education Blogger #truelifeimateacher ? Florida Teacher #floridateachers ? ?positive classroom management ??FREE resources

77. Molly Lynch

Molly offers her insight as a first-grade teacher that genuinely loves the work they do with their students.

78. Kristy

An excellent source of teaching wisdom, Kristy provides middle school teachers with great lesson plans and tips for their classrooms.

  • Handle: @2peasandadog
  • Bio: Helping middle school teachers save ? and energy with engaging lesson plans ?‍? and teacher tips! ?? (she/her)

79. Bec

Adelaide-based Bec is a teacher and ambassador who is serious about bringing fun into the classroom with ideas and collaborations with brands and fellow educators.

  • Handle: @littlemissbright
  • Bio: Adelaide | Teacher ? 2020 – Grade 3/4 Teach Starter Ambassador ? ? DM to collab

80. Chelsey

As a STEAM educator, Chelsey is enthusiastic about the arts, which is reflected in the vibrance of her classroom and page.

  • Handle: @hipsterartteacher
  • Bio: Hipster Art Teacher ?K-2 STEAM Teacher ?Clipboard Artist ?TpT Creator | TY❤️O presenter ✍?classroom ideas, lettering tips + colorful DIYs ?Email: [email protected]

81. Tori Pattison

Engagement is the keyword with Tori, offering free resources and online support for teachers across the globe.

  • Handle: @engagingandeducating
  • Bio: First Grade ❤️First Grade Teacher ?Teachers Pay Teachers Author ? engagingandeducating.com ??Subscribe for FREEBIES!

82. Sarah Barnett

Mrs. B is all about bringing education to the next level, with experience in both reading and leadership to support her students in learning.

  • Handle: @mrsbteachesme
  • Bio: Elementary Teacher | Mrs B ?? I’m Sarah ? (Formerly @mrsbfirstgrade) ? National Board Certified ? Masters in Reading & Leadership ? TpT Author – Sarah Barnett??

83. Paige Bessick

Paige provides various ideas, resources, and learning experiences to enhance classroom teaching as a creator and educator.

  • Handle: @theinteractiveteacher
  • Bio: Teacher-Creator ? First Grade TWI Teacher ? Literacy & Phonics ✏️TpT Creator Making learning interactive, engaging, and fun! ?? IG Links

84. Christina DeCarbo-Wagers

Christina focuses on the K-2 areas of education, delivering resources and tips on critical thinking along the way.

  • Handle: @missdecarbo
    Bio: Christina ?Teacher?Presenter?K-2 Curriculum?Creating classrooms of critical thinkers!?missdecarbo.com [email protected] ? Shop any pic here?

85. Meredith

With experience across a broad range of grades, Meredith’s creative feed sure inspires educators.

  • Handle: @creativitytothecore
  • Bio: Wife & Mom of 2 ?? ?Classroom time spent in K, 1, and 3 ?Currently 1st and 2nd ?Literacy ?Masters in Reading K-12 ?TPT Author

86. Heather

For Heather, education and inspiration go together. Her feed is full of creativity, fun, and enjoyment beyond the basic curriculum.

  • Handle: @atrailblazingteacher
  • Bio: Teacher ☀️Teacher in Orange County ?Mama Bear & TPT Seller ?Loves Nature & Adventure ✌️Inspiring Curiosity, Creativity, & Innovation

87. Kristin Yann

Kristin is a strong advocate for technology in education and provides plenty of tips for long-distance learning and teaching.

  • Handle: @schoolandthecity
  • Bio: ? elementary math teacher??‍? satcblog.com?Atlanta, Georgia? choice & voice, teaching with tech?? join the VIP list for freebies & such

88. Hayley Cain

As a specialist math teacher, Hayley goes through the ups and downs of sixth-grade education in her enjoyable and unique Instagram posts.

  • Handle: @activityaftermath
  • Bio: Math Teacher ?6th grade Math Teacher ?‍?‍?‍? Married and Mom of two ?South Georgia Find all my Links below!??

89. Jen

An accomplished author and dedicated teacher, Jen offers expertise and insight into teaching via her social platforms.

  • Handle: @sparklinginsecondgrade
  • Bio: Sparkling in Second Teacher•Currently ELA Intervention TpT Author•Sparkling in Second Grade Blog•sparklinginsecondgrade.com Shop my feed ?

90. Molly

Years of experience across multiple grades and a keen interest in all things math and science make Molly an excellent source of teaching knowledge.

  • Handle: @thehappylittleclassroom
  • Bio: 5th Grade Teacher • math + sci • tpt creator • former k/1 teacher • mom • denver, co

91. Jennafer

Jennafer believes that a happy and positive classroom is the best kind of teaching – and her feed is filled with all you need to know to do it yourself.

  • Handle: @teachingwithhappiness
  • Bio: ??‍? First Grade Teacher ☀️Responsive Classroom ?Chicagoland Area ?TPT Author??

92. Hilary Statum

As a presenter, kindergarten teacher, and mom, Hilary has her work cut out for her – but there’s plenty of inspiration, guidance, and ideas to be gained from her busy feed.

  • Handle: @pencilstopigtails
  • Bio: K Teacher Mom ?‍?‍?‍? National Presenter ? Blog / FB/ TPT: Pencils to Pigtails ? Nashville // Middle Tennessee

93. Rachel

Rachel is a creative force to be reckoned with, offering educators plenty of resources and crafty ideas.

  • Handle: @iheartcraftythings
  • Bio: I Heart Crafty Things Kids Craft Designer | Lover of Chocolate, Peanut Butter, Googly Eyes ? & all things Crafty!! Email: [email protected] #iheartcraftythings

94. Diana Kucko

As an accomplished teacher and author, Diana provides digital resources to teachers worldwide to support them in elementary education.

  • Handle: @elementaryatheart
  • Bio: First Grade ? TpT Author & Blogger✏️ ? Instructional Coach | Former #1stgrade Teacher ? Digital Resource Creator ⬇️ For helpful #elementaryteacher resources

95. Holly

Holly is the perfect blend of old and new-school teaching styles with a dual focus on learning through play and engagement.

  • Handle: @researchandplay
  • Bio: Kindergarten ?Simple teaching ideas based in research with a side of play ?Responsive Classroom • Seesaw • Units of Study • CGI ? Currently teaching virtually

96. David Jay

David’s feed documents his career as an educator, ambassador, and speaker, with plenty of inspiration for teachers along the way.

  • Handle: @thedopeeducator
  • Bio: David Jay |??‍? Mr. Jamison | Shaping Our Future | Educator | ?Memphis TN | ?Speaker | 5th Grade ELA | Ambassador | Influencer

97. Jennifer

Jennifer’s Instagram is packed with fun, academic, and student-focused resources for students and teachers to enjoy.

  • Handle: @simplykinder
  • Bio: SimplyKinder Kindergarten can be developmentally appropriate, academic, and fun! Use hashtag #simplykinder with our resources to be featured.

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