Acacia Crow

(Ms. Crow)

Hey, I'm Acacia

My name is Acacia, and I’m a 4th grade teacher at Desert View.

these kids deserve the world, and i wish i could give them everything. they are so deserving. i love each and every one of them.”

What will the funds be used for

Help me give my students a "Calm Down Corner" to better help them learn to manage their emotions in a healthy way, and have a safe space in the classroom to relax and process through their feelings.

My Students

My students are ABSOLUTELY incredible.

To begin, these 4th graders are the sweetest, most loving and respectful 9 and 10 year old's I have ever met.

My students are so incredibly thankful for all they have, and some of my kids don't have much. However, they are so appreciative, happy and hardworking, despite some of the difficulties they deal with on a day-to-day basis.

I work at a title-one school, and many of my students come from broken or impoverished homes. I have many students who come to my classroom after nights of little-to-no sleep, students who have to take on the role of 'caretaker' for their younger siblings or students who just struggle to focus on their classwork for a variety of different reasons.

These kids deserve the world, and I wish I could give them everything. They are so deserving. I love each and every one of them.

What we need:

Every student is unique, and has different needs. Many of my kiddos benefit from taking short brain breaks or need a quiet space to cool down if they are feeling overwhelmed or upset.

My students practice critical life skills, like how to cope with difficult situations that are out of their control, or what to do when they're feeling frustrated.

We practice how to manage our emotions in a healthy way, and practice having a Growth Mindset by changing phrases like "This is too hard" or "I don't get it" to "I will keep trying" or "I can do this, if I keep working at it!".

There are many tools and resources available to students, to help them rest and relax. My goal is to create a space in my classroom, so my students feel safe, and happy.

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