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Hello, I first want to thank you for considering blessing my classroom and the students that enter every…

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Hello, I first want to thank you for considering blessing my classroom and the students that enter every day. I am a 6-8 grade special education ELA and Reading teacher and I have been teaching special needs students for 6 years and was an educational aide for 5. I teach at a Title I school in Missouri City, TX where there is low funding for things to help our kids focus emotionally and progress academically. The school is filled with different cultures and very diverse, so we encounter kids from all over, different backgrounds, and with all different types of learning disabilities and difficulties. I would love to be able to revamp our classroom with flexible seating that allows my students with A.D.H.D, A.D.D, and other stimulating behaviors to be able to move in a productive manner. Also, I would love for the students to be able to have materials that will help with comprehension and allow space for field trips to help develop more background knowledge. I want to cultivate a safe place of learning and a homey atmosphere. I try to input one piece of new furniture in my class every to let my students have that experience but it becomes very expensive and limited. I have 5 year old twins at home and I normally split my time and financials between my students at school and my two lovely and wonderful kids at home. Once again, Thank You for your time, consideration, and financial gifts.

What will the funds be used for

Funding will help my students by giving them multiple options for reading enjoyment and expansion, and for flexible seating that creates a safe and comfortable learning environment.

We will invest in multiple different seating and table styles for standing, sitting, or laying while working.

We will invest in different types of books on all levels that will create a love for reading no matter the content.

Thank you.

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