Mrs. Courtney, Amanda


“No one rises to low expectations””

What will the funds be used for

Funding this year will allow me to purchase additional flexible seating for the classroom, needed technology, and necessary school supplies. Flexible seating creates the opportunity for students to make choices and encourages student learning. The tablets will allow students to use QR codes to listen to stories read aloud. This builds fluency and exposes students to various texts they may otherwise miss out on. As always we are in need of the basics paper, pencils, pens etc. to make our classroom function appropriately. Budget cuts have made even the basics unattainable unless myself as the teacher is able to provide for the class.

Donations made to Amanda

“No one rises to low expectations””

Same-Day Funding Guaranteed

All teachers receive funding immediately. We made it our mission to support teachers and to allow others to provide immediate support.