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There are a number of Amazon Prime for teachers services that teachers and students can take advantage of, helping you to save money, create better learning environments and improve classroom facilities.

In the last 2 decades, Amazon has grown to become the largest and most famous eCommerce store all over the globe. If you’re looking to purchase gifts, home appliances, books, movies, audiobooks and a whole array of other products, Amazon is the place to go. But what you might not have known is that Amazon offers teachers a lot of unique perks!

Be sure to check out all nine perks below before selecting the best solution for you.

Amazon Prime for teachers & perks

Jeff Bezos and his squad have developed a number of exciting services that either target or benefit teachers in the USA and further afield. These perks and features can help you to save money, improve the facilities in your classroom and enable you to create a better learning environment for your students.

1. Educational eBooks

The Amazon eBooks for Education program is a fantastic way for you to immediately share educational books with your students. Rather than needing to order in dozens of the same copy of a book, you instead purchase it through the program and then sync it to all of your students’ devices.

The benefits of these are endless, including:
  • Giving all students immediate access to relevant material
  • Saving money on shipping physical textbooks
  • Removing the need for students to carry around heavy books

2. AWS Educate

Cloud-related learning is becoming ever-more important in schools all across the country. So is the need for cloud-based employees who are involved with multiple aspects of the learning process, as well as running efficient, modern schools. Amazon Web Services Educate is a global initiative designed to give schools access to tailored, cloud-based services. It allows you to reach out to cloud-based professionals and accelerate cloud-based learning initiatives.

3. Prime for students

It’s natural that some of the costs of education will be passed onto the student, such as buying books, course materials, and educational supplies. Well, Amazon Prime Student is a program designed to help make purchasing such items easier and more affordable. After signing up, the student gains access to free Prime shipping for an entire 6 months. After that, the cost is just $49 per year, which is half the cost of regular Amazon Prime.

4. Amazon Affiliate program

If you own a website or blog, where you help provide additional support to either teachers or students, then the Amazon Affiliate program is a great way for you to monetize it. Simply sign up and insert custom tracking links on your site which take visitors to products you recommend. If they then make a purchase through that link, you receive a small commission, ranging from 4% to 10%.

5. Education Publishing

Amazon Education Publishing is a fantastic platform for teachers looking to enter the world of publishing their own learning materials. It allows you to publish and sell things like eBooks, books, and audiobooks directly to your students. You maintain complete control over the finished product and receive a royalty commission on every unit sold.

6. Prime free trial

If you are not very familiar with Amazon and are not sure if buying from them will benefit yourself or your school, then it’s a good idea to sign up for a Prime free trial. It gives you access to free shipping for 30 days. You can also then try out many of their other services, such as video streaming and their free music downloads. You can cancel at any time and are not obligated to maintain a Prime membership beyond those 30 days free.

7. Amazon Inspire

Amazon Inspire is a great platform for teachers to come together and share valuable digital resources. It’s free to use and connects you with thousands of other like-minded teachers hoping to develop their knowledge of teaching and other aspects of the job. It’s similar in some ways to TeachersPayTeachers, except it’s free.

8. Amazon Business for Education

Amazon Business for Education is the ideal way to set up an administrative account in which to track all educational purchases for your school. You benefit from things like discounts, tax-exempt purchases, as well as free shipping on orders over a certain amount. It allows you to enroll multiple other teachers onto the account and make large savings across the school year.

Summary of Amazon prime for teachers

Though not all of these awesome Amazon services will be right for you, there’s a good chance that either you, your students, or other teachers in your school could benefit from at least a few. So we recommend checking out those that sound good and signing up to discover more.

What’s great is that Amazon is always working hard to improve these services and to build new ones to help solve problems in the teaching sector. So keep your eyes peeled to discover what they might launch next.

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