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Is it time for your school to invest in updated classroom lighting?

Lighting is often an unresolved problem in classrooms, from sunlight causing glare on the SMARTboard, to over-bright fluorescent lights causing eye strain and headaches. However, because of the many shortcomings of classrooms around the country, issues with classroom lighting quickly fall to the bottom of the list. When you have a flexible lighting system your students will benefit by being better able to see boards and other presentations, and the atmosphere will feel more conducive to learning.

After being completely overlooked as having an impact on the classroom, more and more educators are beginning to see the value of updated lighting systems. In addition to breathing and mindfulness exercises, lighting is being used as a way to help keep students calm and on-task. If you are unaware of how changes to classroom lighting can help both teachers and students, keep reading!

Advanced lighting systems can be beneficial in:

  • Reducing glare
  • Setting a mood
  • Allowing more flexibility
  • Creating zones within the classroom
  • Preventing headaches and eye strain commonly associated with fluorescent lighting

Proper lighting can help children feel more relaxed

As a teacher, I am all too familiar with the difficulty that students can have when it comes from transitioning from one activity to another. When you are trying to help students settle down after returning to the classroom after lunch, it can be difficult to get them to calm down and focus on the next part of their day. Being able to adjust the lighting to create a calmer environment is just one strategy that can help your class stay on track.

Bright lights can be jarring, and fluorescent lighting can cause a number of issues that affect the mood and environment of the classroom. Don’t discount how impactful updated lighting could be on your classroom environment without first learning more about its benefits.

Create confidence

When you are able to adjust the light in your classroom it can help your students to perform better. Some teachers report that having special lighting during test-taking helps the children to focus better and achieve higher grades. Without glare and with enhanced lighting, they are able to see more clearly which also helps them to stay focused. When children are able to stay focused, they will be able to absorb more and perform better in-class participation and testing. This, in turn, will help them to feel more confident about their educational experience.

If you are a teacher and are at your wit’s end with trying to help your students improve their educational experience, enhanced lighting is something to investigate. Looking into this improvement and discussing the possibilities with the administrators at your school can help you to improve the academic and social experience of the students.

Don’t overlook the many benefits of improved lighting, it can make a huge difference in the quality of your classroom. In addition to helping your students, it can also relieve a lot of eye strain that you may be experiencing as a teacher. It is not uncommon for teachers to report that they sometimes suffer from chronic headaches, and many do not make the connection between the headaches and the fluorescent lighting that is so popular in many schools and classrooms.