Undoubtedly, teachers can be important in any child’s life. Next to their parents, teachers can often be the most influential and revered figures many children come across regularly. This is because educators show people compassion and love but also help teach them the core skills required to navigate life. They are also crucial in showing […]
April 1st might be the best holiday of the year. Why? Because it allows us to channel our inner child and get silly for a few hours, pulling pranks and executing hilarious practical jokes. And as teachers, we have the perfect audience to play some harmless pranks on – our students! Seeing our students’ faces […]
Stakeholder engagement is an essential aspect of the education sector which, when fostered, benefits everyone involved. Indeed, teachers have a passion for learning and making a difference that motivates them daily. However, their jobs are not easy – with responsibilities ranging from planning and preparing lessons, marking student work, researching and developing teaching materials, and […]
Here, we’ll look at mental exhaustion, its symptoms, and how to handle this particular type of fatigue. Also called mental fatigue, this feeling can be akin to the sensations of tiredness and ‘drained’ you feel after physically working out. What is mental exhaustion? Mental exhaustion can be characterized in different ways, but that drained, tired, […]
Whether your day-to-day life is in a full-time job or studying for a series of qualifications, we all need to be in the best condition possible to make the most of the opportunities that we have. This includes improving not only your physical health but your mental health. One of the main issues that people […]
Chronic stress happens when we feel overwhelmed, leaving us with the constant worry that we won’t be able to escape from it. Stress is a natural response produced by the body and can be caused by many things, such as your work, family, relationships, and other aspects of your busy life. While a small amount […]
The effects of suicide on the individual are apparent, but those on society can be tremendous, too. Just as a single pebble can disturb an entire pond, a sole suicide can impact the whole community. Studies suggest that a person taking their own life affects approximately 115 people close to them, with around 20 percent […]
Whether you’re giving or receiving it, criticism can feel challenging, especially in a professional setting where you want to perform well and foster a positive environment. Regardless, helpful and constructive criticism can be highly valuable, improve communication, and help individuals improve their performance. Additionally, almost a quarter of employees say they would leave their job […]
In the United States, many different types of educational grants are available to students. The type of grant you can receive depends on who you are and where you live. Federal grants are available to individuals and institutions, but they’re typically awarded based on need. State grants are available at the state level and are […]