Classful: Revolutionizing Education Through Digital Resources and Fundraising In the age of digital transformation, the education sector has experienced vast changes in terms of learning methods, materials, and overall resources. Amidst this sea of educational platforms and tools, Classful emerges as a standout entity, catering not only to the academic needs of educators and students […]
Student alumni fundraising campaigns are common on university and college campuses as they raise money for scholarships, project developments, and other expenses. Compared to other types of fundraising, alumni fundraisers are the most profitable as they target supporters with first-hand experience of the benefits your college offers. However, not all student alumni fundraising activities can […]
Providing students with an excellent education is far more than memorizing math or understanding science. Class initiatives are an excellent path for well-rounded learning that benefits students long-term and provides them with vital soft skills. While the results of initiatives are less tangible than pop quizzes or papers, they can support students in different ways. […]
Whether you’re approaching football season or require money for new equipment, gear, or anything else, fundraising is the ideal way to ensure your football team has everything they need for success. Whether you’re an organization or student group looking to raise money to support football, using the right platform is the key to success in […]
The Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) is the heart of a school and key to many of the events and extra-curricular activities that take place there. Without funds, a PTO can’t pay for many of these activities, and schools cannot engage parents and students in the school community. Luckily, most PTOs are fantastic at fundraising. Utilizing […]
Do you want to raise money for your senior class? If so, you've probably toyed around with a few senior-class fundraising ideas. However, you can't find the right product strategies that help you raise significant amounts. In this article, we'll look at some of the best tips, strategies, and ideas you can use to raise […]
Classful is a fundraising platform that allows parents and other community members to donate directly to their area’s teachers. Unlike many other platforms, there are no hidden fees or participation costs. 100% of the donations (except for the payment processing fees) go directly to the teacher, and they can access their funds immediately. If you […]
Do you want to raise funds for your middle school? Whether you're raising funds for the classroom or want money for school supplies, you need a steady rotation of new fundraising campaigns to keep your supporters engaged. Teachers and faculty members often use the same old fundraising techniques to save time and money. Unfortunately, these […]
Raising money to support your drama club can be fun because you’ll have a whole pool of talented and creative individuals who can serve as volunteers to help make the campaign successful. Some of the ideas described below will allow your drama club members to showcase their talents and gain helpful experience maximizing their creativity […]