Trying to bring out some creativity in your classroom? Give your 5th-grade students this list of inspirational writing prompts to get their thoughts growing! What are 5th-grade writing prompts? If you work in the classroom, you will know how difficult it can be to inspire your younger students to put their thoughts into words, which […]
As August rolls around, excitement and nerves start washing over teachers worldwide. There’s much to prepare in the run-up to the new school year. Lesson plans, supply runs, and classroom prep take over the final countdown to the new school year. We want to make a good first impression on our students. To make them […]
When you’re in a classroom or any other social situation, you come across plenty of people with different ways of thinking from you. While many of these come from social and cultural differences from one, some of them come from psychological differences that people have from birth. This includes conditions such as high-functioning autism. Learn […]
April 1st might be the best holiday of the year. Why? Because it allows us to channel our inner child and get silly for a few hours, pulling pranks and executing hilarious practical jokes. And as teachers, we have the perfect audience to play some harmless pranks on – our students! Seeing our students’ faces […]
Teaching early years students is a challenging yet fulfilling feat. You start with a blank canvas, and you get to help define their first steps into education. As such, it’s vital to teach them fundamental skills that will serve them in their education moving forward and in life in general. Story sequencing is one such […]
Applied behavior analysis, or ABA, is a strategy for changing social behavior, specifically among children with autism, though there are many benefits to using this on a grander scale. The main goal of ABA in any setting is to improve a child’s social and communication skills. This involves certain techniques that anybody can use, even […]
When we speak, we follow certain invisible rules – ones we might take for granted and may not even realize exist in the first place. Some people, especially those with social communication disorder, can find it difficult to understand these rules, even though they can speak perfectly fine and understand conversations to the same degree […]
When someone has ADHD, there are some symptoms that people assume that sufferers have. These include hyperactivity, an inability to focus, and the potential to be forgetful in various situations. However, relatively few people know that the condition seriously affects people’s moods. Learn more about ADHD mood swings, how to recognize ADHD mood swings, and […]
Student bodies are an interesting and important part of the US education system. A student body is a group of students who attend an institute of higher education. Student bodies are usually comprised of people with similar interests and goals or at least have some sort of commonality that allows them to work together on […]