In the United States, many different types of educational grants are available to students. The type of grant you can receive depends on who you are and where you live. Federal grants are available to individuals and institutions, but they’re typically awarded based on need. State grants are available at the state level and are […]
JROTC stands for the Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps and is a program sponsored by the US Armed Forces, working across the country since 1916. Every branch of the military, including the coastguard, uses its JROTC units, and your kids can make the most of the JROTC by building incredible life skills. Read on to […]
Baseball fundraising is one of the best ways for summer leagues, school baseball teams, and even traveling teams to produce extra money to support their specific programs. These funds can be used for team uniforms, new equipment, travel expenses, training tools, and tournament entry fees for traveling teams. Many fundraising ideas work fairly well, and […]
Libraries don’t typically receive much funding from sources, so they rely on donations and special fundraising campaigns to keep them operational. Even in the modern age of the internet, with a wealth of online information, libraries still fulfill a major role in the community by providing reference books, literary classics, and reading materials of all […]
Teacher Appreciation Week begins in May. This is towards the end of the school year, so students are looking forward to a stress-free summer of fun. Your teacher may not be as excited about the summer, which can offer a cessation of income and a second job or long professional development seminars. Show how much […]
Are you tired of fundraising the old way and dealing with headaches? Luckily, Classful is here and ready to help! Fundraising is essential for most schools, organizations related to schools, and student clubs and groups. One type, in particular, is student council fundraising. Over time, student council members have come up with many ways to […]
Are you looking for creative ways to raise funds for your classroom or religious school? If so, Classful is happy to help. Unlike public schools, religious schools don’t receive public funding, making religious school fundraising an ongoing effort for students and staff. Unfortunately, this can present a huge challenge, especially if you need to raise […]
Student alumni fundraising campaigns are common on university and college campuses as they raise money for scholarships, project developments, and other expenses. Compared to other types of fundraising, alumni fundraisers are the most profitable as they target supporters with first-hand experience of the benefits your college offers. However, not all student alumni fundraising activities can […]
Do you have an upcoming reunion from your high school or college days? Whether you’re keen on getting everyone together or celebrating your classmates’ achievements, a fundraiser can help make your idea a reality. Using a dedicated donations platform is ideal for bringing in the funds to make your reunion even more memorable. Classful is […]