A child’s years spent in education are some of the most formative ones of their lives. They’re learning fundamental and transferrable skills that will help them throughout their school life, careers, social settings, and relationships. Their days in school set them up for their lives in one way or another. That’s why having a clear […]
It can be ridiculously easy to make a kid laugh with the right attitude. At this age, they find some of the simplest things hilarious. The only issue we are currently facing is the complications of the internet. With unlimited access our young ones are gaining on the world wide web, they can come into […]
“Math Is Fun” is a basic math education site for all grades up to 12th. The site’s clean graphics and simple interface make it a fantastic reference for students who may not quite understand explanations given in class or textbooks. The site is run by Rod Pierce, DipCE BEng, who also runs the quiz and […]
Math can be one of those particularly challenging areas for some students. Luckily, with modern teaching, plenty of free math websites are the perfect way to educate your students. Whether looking for basic math websites for kids or hunting for the best ones, this list has you covered. We look at 15 math sites for […]
Do you see children in your classes struggle with math when you know they shouldn’t have to? They could have math anxiety, which has insidious psychological effects even when the anxiety level is comparatively low. But what is math anxiety? And how do you overcome it? What is math anxiety? Math anxiety is a very […]
While some think of an iPad as another way to put children before a screen, the average tablet can be an excellent addition to a child’s education if used productively. Both inside and outside of the classroom, if used correctly, this bit of tech can help children develop and provide them with fun and engaging […]
It’s a common misconception that dyslexia is a disorder where sufferers struggle to read. It can also limit a child’s cognitive development, impacting their ability to comprehend mathematics. This is something that the not-for-profit charity MIND – and Matthew Peterson, Ph.D. – have not only understood but have also channeled vast amounts of funds. Thanks […]
For students, including exciting and engaging technology in their day-to-day learning can be a great way to boost their skills. By providing students with the tools to solve puzzles, develop understanding and work solo, they’re far better placed to succeed in the future. These platforms can create soft skills just as much as traditional comprehension, […]
If there’s a single subject that more kids struggle with than any other, it’s math. So when getting those important equations and essential rules across, you need all the help you can get. That’s where the best free math apps come in. With 81% of teachers suggesting that using iPads could supplement learning, installing apps […]