Understanding word meanings and making the appropriate connections necessary to utilize more complex vocabulary in their writing and language use can be hard for some students. Not all students grasp vocabulary and language the same way others do, and certain words and phrases may take a little more effort to remember. Likewise, certain words are […]
Learning how to read is a fundamental part of learning, as it allows students to understand things written down. The foundations for reading start with hearing or viewing stories, where young learners make connections between words and images. The next level is learning to read and retain information through the written word. There’s a reason […]
The schwa is standard English’s most common vowel sound, yet it’s also one of the most confusing and misunderstood concepts. This article outlines what schwa is, provides some examples, and discusses how to teach the schwa sound. What is schwa? A schwa is a vowel sound present in an unstressed syllable. It occurs when the […]
The Prohibition era in America began in 1920 and lasted for 13 years. Over a century since the ban on intoxicating liquor was introduced, the “noble experiment” is widely considered a failure. Yet, Prohibition remains one of the most talked about attempts at social engineering in history, and its legacy and lessons remain valid even […]
Teaching early years students is a challenging yet fulfilling feat. You start with a blank canvas, and you get to help define their first steps into education. As such, it’s vital to teach them fundamental skills that will serve them in their education moving forward and in life in general. Story sequencing is one such […]
One key concept in reading research is the Simple View of Reading. Despite its importance, this is not an approach that all educators know about. This is a disadvantage as it can be a handy tool for understanding the core components of reading and assessing reading weaknesses in particular students. How does the Simple View […]
Reading is hard. It takes a lot of focus and concentration to decode words, let alone understand them. This is why learning how to read is not something that happens overnight. It takes time. Similarly, some kids are better readers than others, and understanding why this is important for helping them learn. This article will […]
In the simplest possible terms, metacognition is the practice of thinking about your thinking. It can be an important skill for improving your learning and problem-solving abilities. By being aware of your thought processes and understanding how you learn best, you can more effectively plan and execute tasks, monitor your progress, and identify areas where […]
For those who don’t know, when we speak about colonial America, we refer to the English colonies located along the Eastern seaboard. The story is important and demonstrates how they came together to form the United States of America. Read on to find out more about this important historical event. The expansion of English colonialism […]