Teachers are some of the most dedicated professionals in the world, but there are many reasons that they may need to resign. Teachers often find themselves in this position, whether because they’ve decided to focus on other aspects of their lives or because they’ve been offered a job at another school. In this article, we’ll […]
As August rolls around, excitement and nerves start washing over teachers worldwide. There’s much to prepare in the run-up to the new school year. Lesson plans, supply runs, and classroom prep take over the final countdown to the new school year. We want to make a good first impression on our students. To make them […]
Whether you’re only just starting your career as a tutor or you’re looking to tutor as a way of weaning yourself off teaching, there is plenty to gain from online tutoring. It’s a fun and accessible way of impacting the next generation of learners without leaving your house. Learn more about online tutoring jobs and […]
Undoubtedly, teachers can be important in any child’s life. Next to their parents, teachers can often be the most influential and revered figures many children come across regularly. This is because educators show people compassion and love but also help teach them the core skills required to navigate life. They are also crucial in showing […]
When you’re in a classroom or any other social situation, you come across plenty of people with different ways of thinking from you. While many of these come from social and cultural differences from one, some of them come from psychological differences that people have from birth. This includes conditions such as high-functioning autism. Learn […]
April 1st might be the best holiday of the year. Why? Because it allows us to channel our inner child and get silly for a few hours, pulling pranks and executing hilarious practical jokes. And as teachers, we have the perfect audience to play some harmless pranks on – our students! Seeing our students’ faces […]
One key concept in reading research is the Simple View of Reading. Despite its importance, this is not an approach that all educators know about. This is a disadvantage as it can be a handy tool for understanding the core components of reading and assessing reading weaknesses in particular students. How does the Simple View […]
Despite how prevalent this mental health condition can be, the average person typically has very little knowledge of what PTSD is and how it affects adults and children. As a condition resulting from traumatic events that can occur at any time in someone’s life, it’s essential to understand the symptoms of PTSD. By knowing how […]
If you’re a teacher struggling with self-doubt or inadequacy, you may suffer from imposter syndrome. In this article, we explore imposter syndrome, including signs of imposter syndrome and how to overcome it. What is imposter syndrome? Imposter syndrome, also perceived fraudulence, occurs when an individual doubts their capabilities and worth despite their accomplishments, experience, and […]