The ability to plan and regulate ourselves is fundamental to being effective in society. This includes timing our tasks when we complete a job, applying for roles in a new company, and managing how we respond whenever issues arise that we are not happy with. These competencies all come under the banner of “executive function”, […]
Being a parent comes with many challenges and issues to get on top of. This can be particularly true when your child starts school, especially if they have specific learning or thinking differences. These differences may make it tricky for them to manage their behavior in school successfully, and they could see themselves getting into […]
Much like other mammals, a significant part of how people communicate is through unspoken interactions and behaviors. Using our body language and behavior, you can ‘sync up’ with the other persona and engage in meaningful communication. From catching up with an old friend to a serious meeting with a supervisor, social cues provide insight into […]
Have you ever noticed that some words in English sound similar to each other? That’s because they often contain the same combinations of letters, making them into a “word family.” For instance, the words “core,” “bore”, “sore” and “more” all contain “ore.” Similarly, the words “skip,” “tip”, “snip” and “flip” all contain “ip.” There are […]
Trauma is not a one-size-fits-all issue. As a teacher, you are likely to encounter students suffering from trauma for various reasons. Every student is unique, and so is their trauma. It’s important to fully understand what trauma is and how it can impact how your students behave and learn. Below, we’ll explore how trauma can […]
When you’re working in education, boosting the positive attributes of your students is one of the most important things you can do. Teaching course content is a good start, but improving students’ soft skills means that they make the most of your teaching wherever possible. These skills include problem-solving, communication, and memory. Learn more about […]
Trying to bring out some creativity in your classroom? Give your 5th-grade students this list of inspirational writing prompts to get their thoughts growing! What are 5th-grade writing prompts? If you work in the classroom, you will know how difficult it can be to inspire your younger students to put their thoughts into words, which […]
According to Jean Piaget, in his theory of cognitive development, there are four stages that each individual goes through. These include the Sensorimotor stage, the Preoperational Stage, the Concrete Operational stage, and the final stage in someone’s development, the Formal Operational stage. Find out more about what the formal operational stage is, when this stage […]
Do you have a rowdy class to which you can’t seem to hold their attention or get it back after an activity? It’s easy for kids to get so into an activity that they feel almost immune to the outside. Seeing them so engaged and intrigued by your activities is great, but it’s a nightmare […]