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Did you know that 94% of US teachers spend their money on school supplies?

Every day, educators across the country demonstrate amazing acts of selflessness, pouring time, money, and effort into ensuring that young people receive a good education.

If you know a teacher passionate about their student’s well-being and education, you can bet your bottom dollar that they go above and beyond to ensure their school is stocked with adequate supplies.

As you may be aware, schools are experiencing a serious funding crisis, with many struggling to provide students and staff with the books, technology, and equipment they need to run effectively.

This is where Classful comes in. We are a site dedicated to providing hard-working teachers with the funds to invest in new equipment, take pupils out on school trips, or treat themselves to a much-needed treat.

If you know a teacher who could benefit from extra cash, head to Classful.com today. Search for their name and donate or tell a teacher they can sign up for free. It is as simple as that! Remember: by supporting a teacher. You also support their classroom and every student.