Anyone considering donating to a teacher may wonder just how much of an impact their donation can provide.

Whether you’re a parent or business or friend, or family member, you may be surprised to learn how much money teachers contribute to keeping their classrooms functioning.

These funds come from their already small salaries, and many teachers seek second jobs to make ends meet. That’s why we’re working to decrease the financial burden that many educators feel to help them to forget about fundraising and get back to teaching.

So, when it comes to donating to a teacher, does it help? Yes, here’s why:

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Why donating helps

When you donate directly to a teacher or classroom, you will impact their lives. Many teachers have to take on second jobs to supplement their salaries and are further burdened by paying for classroom supplies out of their pockets.

Instead of stressing about how they will afford to buy everything their classroom needs and pay their mortgage, a well-funded classroom can ease that burden. Without having to organize fundraisers or have parents contribute to a classroom account, they can focus on providing their students with a quality education.

Help teachers focus on educating children

Teachers are meant to teach, not fundraise. With this in mind, many concerned residents are looking for ways to help their local teachers get out of the money business and focus on the classroom.

When you donate to teachers, you allow them to breathe a little easier and spend a lot less time worrying about how they will come up with the funds they need to get through the school year. Even the idea of having to purchase supplies for their classroom can cause an unnecessary and stressful situation for many teachers. It is one thing for the PTA to organize an annual or seasonal fundraiser, but putting an additional burden on teachers to do the same does not seem fair.

Reduce the need for fundraisers and parent-bought classroom supplies

We all understand that it makes sense for certain supplies to be supplied by parents, but when schools ask parents to provide classroom staples, it’s easy to become frustrated. Turn this frustration into action and donate to your local teachers today!

Parents also lead hectic lives, and worrying about fundraisers and buying additional supplies can add to their stress. When properly funded classrooms, parents and teachers can focus on the students and their education rather than the next bake sale. As a parent, you want your child’s teacher to be focused on them, not raising money or worrying about budgets.

There is too much at stake in education, and it makes sense to stack the deck in your child’s favor. Parents are also under a lot of stress these days, especially in households where spouses work outside the home. In such cases, adding fundraising responsibilities to an already full plate can cause unnecessary stress in the home. Parents already pay taxes and should not be expected to shoulder an additional burden for their children to get a quality education.

Let teachers teach

Teachers can focus on the job they were hired to do without the burden of providing supplies or cajoling parents to participate in the school’s latest fundraiser. Teaching is the type of job that requires a lot of dedication and work outside of regular classroom hours. When they have all the funds they need, teachers can spend more time doing what they do best, teaching.

Another benefit of donating directly to teachers is that you know that your donation will be used to help students in your community. Teachers join their profession because of their love of children and desire to provide the next generation with the educational foundation they will need for future success. Don’t shortchange your children or their teachers!

Both parents and teachers alike will benefit from the financial help that will help to ease the burden and allow teachers to focus on educating the children in their communities. Let’s get teachers back to focusing on their students and their lesson plans!

Donating to a teacher can help a lot more than you know. Teachers who are financially secure and aren’t burdened with budgetary stressors are much better at their jobs. Why not provide the teachers and students in your community with a secure environment that spurs robust learning?