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According to the NEA, “More money for schools means better student outcomes.” And that’s why we built Classful.com, to help schools and teachers get the funding they deserve!

What if you could empower teachers to make meaningful connections with students in your school?

The difference between an engaged student who is excited about their future and a child who falls through the cracks is sometimes only a matter of funding.

Learn how we help schools get the funding they deserve.

Lack of funding is a constant problem

With major funding disparities between schools, teachers often aren’t able to do what they’d like to do with their students. For 97 percent of teachers, that means spending an average of $480 out of their own pockets in an attempt to better reach their students.

The problem is even worse in the areas that tend to need a better education system than most. CNN reports, “Teachers with students in free or reduced-price lunch programs pay more out of their own pocket for school supplies.”

Teachers will always spend money on their students for various reasons, such as decorating to create a fun and educational classroom or investing extra in a unique project. But having teachers fit the bill for school supplies should not be the answer.

Most Americans (71 percent) agree teachers should be paid more. With little ability to significantly affect how much teachers at your school are paid, what can you do to help?

That’s where Classful comes in.

How does Classful work?

At Classful, it’s our mission to provide a platform for every community to support their local school and teachers, ultimately supporting every student.

Classful enables teachers to fundraise for projects they are passionate about – from teaching art to providing basic educational supplies to spreading awareness of social issues.

Starting September 28th, Classful will enable schools themselves to raise funds for projects or goals. Just as with public donations to teachers, there is no fee for making or receiving donations, and funds are dispersed on a daily basis.

How more funding helps

Areas that receive more funding consistently see higher test scores and higher graduation rates. Increasing funding in a school can even correlate directly with higher wages once students graduate. A 10 percent increase in spending per student raises the probability of graduating by 7 percent.

All schools can benefit from more funding, even in affluent areas. Improving a teacher’s ability to engage their students is helpful no matter the community. Schools in high-poverty neighborhoods or those that lack adequate funding will see the most improvement.

Raising funds for a public school

If the school you’d like to help is a public school, all donations are tax-exempt. Not only can all public schools now receive funds from community fundraising platforms like Classful, but the donors will receive a charitable donation receipt.

Raising funds for a private school

Private schools that operate as a not-for-profit school or that have an endowment fund can also provide donors with a tax-charitable contribution receipt. Private schools outside of this categorization are still able to receive donations but they are considered “personal gifts” for tax purposes.

Are you ready to make a difference in the lives of your students? Sign up today at and claim your school to start receiving donations from funders who are passionate about fostering a love of lifelong learning in your community.