In the United States, many different types of educational grants are available to students.

The type of grant you can receive depends on who you are and where you live. Federal grants are available to individuals and institutions, but they’re typically awarded based on need. State grants are available at the state level and are often awarded based on merit or academic excellence. In this article, we look at the different types of educational grants that you can apply for:

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1. American association of educators classroom grant

The American Association of Educators accepts applications for classroom grants. The American Association of Educators believes that educators are the most important people in our society and have made it their mission to help them succeed. With a variety of programs and resources, they can help you find the best possible way to meet your goals as a teacher. Their classroom grants are available to full-time educators who haven’t received the grant for two years and are designed to help teachers improve their skills and prepare them better for their role in the classroom.

2. American association of school librarians innovative reading grant

The American Association of School Librarians (AASL) offers members an innovative reading grant. The purpose of this program is to support school libraries in developing and implementing innovative programs or services that will improve student achievement. The AASL Innovation Grant Program is designed to help libraries improve their ability to meet the needs of all students. The program offers financial assistance to help pay for new initiatives, services, or equipment to improve student achievement. Applications are accepted year-round, with a deadline of February 1st each year. It’s exclusively for members of the American association of school Librarians.

3. Dollar general summer literacy grant

The Dollar General Literacy Foundation is now accepting grant applications for schools, libraries, and local nonprofits serving K-12 students. The grant will be awarded to one applicant in each state and is designed to help K-12 students gain access to books and reading material during the summer months. The grant can be used for various purposes, including purchasing books for classroom libraries, buying new books for the school library, purchasing audiobooks for students who may not have access to print materials or audio devices, or holding summer reading programs.

4. Donors choose grants

DonorsChoose is a nonprofit organization that enables teachers and school administrators to request classroom materials. DonorsChoose works with donors to fund projects that schools, students, and teachers need. You can create an account and set up a fundraiser on the site, allowing you to share your project with others through social media or email. Once you’ve created your account, you can begin uploading materials you would like to purchase for your classroom. You can select which projects you’d like to fund as a donor.

5. Honda community grant

The Honda Community Grant is a competitive grant program that helps schools and districts fund innovative experiential learning programs that model the company’s core values of teamwork, diversity, and inclusion. For eligible applicants, the grant supports experiential programs that engage students in activities that promote the development of social responsibility, communication skills, critical thinking, and problem-solving. To be eligible for this grant, you must be a school or district administrator. Deadlines vary for those who haven’t applied for the grant before and those who have.

6. NEA learning & leadership grants

The NEA Learning and Leadership Grants program is a competitive grant program for school or district administrators who are current NEA members. This is an opportunity for you to work with your colleagues to develop new strategies and practices to help your students achieve. Funds may be used for professional development, staff training, or other activities that will support teachers and administrators in improving the quality of instruction in their schools. Grants are awarded during three application windows each year.

7. NSF discovery research grant

The National Science Foundation (NSF) Discovery Research Grant is an award program that gives PreK-12 educators with financial needs the resources they need to develop and explore new ideas in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). Educators interested in submitting a full grant proposal are encouraged to send it by the first Wednesday in October every year. The proposal should include a description of the research project, a statement of the need for the funding, an explanation of how it will be used, and an outline of how it will benefit students.

8. Snapdragon book foundation

The Snapdragon Book Foundation is a nonprofit organization that provides grants to book librarians who serve disadvantaged communities. The foundation accepts applications and awards grants annually through its online application process. Applicants must fill out the online application form and submit it by February 1 each year. All applicants will receive notice if they are not selected for funding. The Foundation awards grants to librarians who want to build their collections in the areas of fiction, nonfiction, and graphic novels.

9. Walmart’s local community grant

The Walmart Foundation is a non-profit organization that works to improve the quality of life for individuals and families by supporting education, economic development, and sustainability. The foundation has awarded millions of dollars in grants to help create stronger communities and offers several financial aid programs for educational institutions. The Walmart Local Community Grant Program offers financial aid to K-12 public, private, or charter schools that show financial need. The applicant must fill out an online application with a deadline of December 31st.

10. U.S general services administration computers for learning program

The U.S. general services administration computers for learning program is a K-12 educator grant program that provides free computers to students, teachers, and schools in need. The program is open to K-12 educators in the United States who register online and complete the eligibility process to request computers for their classrooms. The program aims to provide every student with a technology-enabled education by increasing access to computer hardware and software for schools and classrooms and training teachers on using technology in their teaching practice.

11. NCTM enhancing student mathematics learning through the use of tools and technology grants

NCTM enhances student mathematics learning through tools and technology grants for teachers who are members of the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics. The National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM) has launched a new grant program to support teachers’ efforts to improve their students’ mathematics learning. Grants will be awarded to teachers who use technology in innovative ways to help students achieve more in mathematics. The NCTM encourages applications from all teachers, including those working with underrepresented mathematics students. To apply for a grant, you must be a member of NCTM and submit your proposal by the annual May deadline.

12. Ezra Jack Keats Foundation mini-grants

The Ezra Keats Jack Foundation Mini-Grants program is a competitive grant program that funds public school educators, public libraries, or preschool program educators to implement innovative educational programs and projects. The foundation is looking for projects that will have a lasting impact on the students, teachers, and community served by the applicant’s organization. The organization must be a public school, public library, or preschool program in the United States. The project must be an innovative education program or project that will benefit students and teachers within the applicant’s organization. The program was created to help provide educators with the tools they need to teach their students effectively while teaching them essential life skills like empathy and compassion. Grants are awarded each spring, and educators can apply online by filling out an application.

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