Happy Teacher Appreciation Week! After a great start to the week let’s make sure we keep showing our appreciation for teachers everywhere and finish the week off with a bang!

Fund a teacher you care about during teacher appreciation week!

This Teacher Appreciation Week make sure you show your gratitude to the teachers in your local community, whether they teach your child or not.

Teaching is a challenging career and the time and effort teachers put into their work often goes unrecognized and unnoticed. Don’t neglect the teachers in your local community and show them you care by participating in Teacher Appreciation Week.

Why do teachers deserve appreciation?

The role of a teacher is not simply to provide education, below we look at some of the roles a teacher fulfills that makes them worthy of appreciation.

This is why teachers should be appreciated:

Emotional support

Teachers are often the first person to notice when a child is going through a distressing time, whether at home or in the schoolyard, and they take it upon themselves to ensure the child is safe and supported.

Team leader

School trips and extra curriculum activities that enrich a child’s life would not be possible without teachers giving up their free time and energy to enable these trips or clubs to take place.


If a teacher spots a certain talent in a child, such as being a skilled painter or reader, they will nurture and encourage that child to pursue this talent. This not only shapes a child to be successful in their future but can give a child an incredible confidence boost and improve their self-esteem.


Unfortunately, teachers often contribute their personal money towards purchasing school equipment or materials for their class. This means that they are paying out of their own pocket for children to have the best education possible.

Show a teacher you care about them this Teacher Appreciation Week

There are many ways you can show a teacher you care about them, from verbally thanking them for the work they do to writing them a note that they can keep and reflect on. The best way to show a teacher you appreciate them is to contribute to any fundraising initiatives they may currently be pursuing.

Classful is an innovative platform that enables teachers to fund raise for issues they care about, such as providing new equipment for their class. By supporting a local teacher you are not only showing your support for them, but you are also helping to improve the education of children in your community and across America.