I am a 4th grade teacher. I am in my 11th year of teaching, all have been at the 4th and 5th grade levels. I returned to college as an adult. I worked for seven years to get my teaching degree while working full-time and raising children as a single parent. I am thankful every day, that I continue get the opportunity to to teach and mentor children in my classroom. I want to give my students the best learning experiences possible. This often means I spend my own money on books, educational items and resources for our classroom. I consider myself a lifelong learner and want to grow professionally to bring new experiences to my students to engage and empower them.
Any funding that I receive would be put directly back into my classroom. One goal I have is to build my classroom library to include a variety of reading levels and more Non-Fiction books. I have self-funded my classroom library so far, but need to expand it to reach the below grade level readers in my room. I would also like to fund a classroom subscription to Time for Kids to bring current events to the awareness of my students. Reaching learners in a variety of ways is essential to their academic growth. To do this, a couple things I use are chart paper for anchor chart visuals and interactive, educational games.
I have some that I currently use but, would like to offer more S.T.E.M.
(math & science) choices to my students.
Any help with the things I mentioned would be greatly appreciated.
Thank You, for partnering with me and for your donation.