Hi! My name is Carolina Arzola, I was born in the beautiful island of Puerto Rico. Since I was a little girl, teaching was my dream. Many didn\'t like this since it\'s not a very high income job, but I\'ve never been able to wake up everyday to do something I don\'t like. Teaching is my passion, my dream, my life. In 2015 I moved from PR to Florida looking for a better future and expanding my career goals. Little did I know, I ended up in South Grade Elementary in Lake Worth, Palm Beach County. My school (Title I), is the poorest in the county, and also has a unique population. My kids have many needs and our school does the unimaginable to help them, in my personal 4th grade classroom I do the same. With 98% ESOL, 100% free lunch, SGE is a very special place that has got to the deepest of my heart. Many leave our school when facing the challenges, but not me, I\'ll never give up on my kids. Most of them sons and daughters of inmigrants that came to this country looking for better opportunities, looking for freedom. Being at South Grade makes me feel like I am doing something for the future of this world.