I teach 4th grade English Language Arts. I team teach, so I get to work with two separate classes of 31 and 30 students. I am an inclusion teacher, and the students in my class have a range of academic needs and abilities. Every day is an adventure in my room.

If you were to ask a 4th grader what their favorite subject is, typical usual answers are Science, Math, recess, but very rarely does a 4th grader think Writing is their favorite subject. Writing is the last piece of language development, and requires the most effort and thought. Most students find writing difficult, frustrating, across the board un-enjoyable.

This year, my classes are not exception. They came to 4th grade dreading writing. I had many students who out right refused to write, even when given the choice of the topic. Through hard work, lots of effort, and some tears, my students slowly but surely began to see themselves as writers. And lo and behold, even began to enjoy writing. With this project, I am hoping to push their newly acquired love of writing even further, and help them to see themselves as writers.