I am Mrs Naomi Jetoh Nwachukwu from Liberia West Africa, I am an administrator and also a class room teacher of Bishop A.R. Willis Advance Academy of Excellency, I started my teaching career when my husband and I discovered in our community a lot of children are not going to school because we are just recovering from fourteen years civil war and the in ability of the parents especially the single parent to enroll their children to school wasn\'t possible, as person who have the passion for education to bring up children, I decided to open a school with a tuition of $1 to encourage and support the less privilege once, I started it with my husband and two teachers from Nursery to kindergarten but today we are in Junior high. But the challenges still remain the well fare of the teachers, who labor for hours and still received little wages, been a teacher I feel and know the challenges teachers are facing and going home at the end of the month with pee nut.