A few times of the year are as fun and exciting as the Halloween season.

It’s a time for teachers and students to get excited about the fun and let their creative juices flow! Try these Halloween writing prompts to engage your students in a fun, creative writing that will surely spark a lot of interesting conversation! Halloween offers an excellent opportunity to engage your students and have fun while learning.

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So, what are some Halloween writing prompts?

The following prompts can be used any way you choose – there’s no right answer. You can try a quick start where your students write down their immediate thoughts for ten minutes. They can also be used as homework assignments, with the kids reading their essays the next day in class.

Of course, if you are working on a subject module or book project that can be referenced, even better!

Who’s your monster?

Have you always wanted a monster? Now is your opportunity to create a monster of your own. Describe how they look and act and even smell. Do they live in a cave in the forest or underneath your bed? What does your monster like to do during the day? What do they like to eat? Explain a typical day in the life of your monster.

What would the BEST Halloween look like to you?

Bobbing for apples? Trick-or-treating with your friends? What kind of costume would you all be wearing? Would you visit a haunted house? Take a minute to think about what your BEST Halloween would look like, and describe it so we can all picture it too.

An adventure in trick-or-treating

Describe in exact detail the adventures of one child who goes trick-or-treating. Start with their costume and describe what they experience during their Halloween. Use creative license to make this a fantastical tale! Is there time travel? Does a ghost visit them?

Do they find a portal to another dimension? Use details to help us imagine their feelings during their Halloween trick-or-treat adventure.

Let’s celebrate

Imagine that you are planning our classroom Halloween party. The sky’s the limit. Tell us exactly how it would begin and end. Would there be games? A costume parade? Would parents be invited? How would you decorate the classroom? What kind of food will you serve? Are there party favors or spooky sound effects and decorations?

Fill in the details using your creative powers and imagination.

Last year’s Halloween

How was your Halloween last year? What costume did you wear? Was it one of the best you’ve experienced or only so-so? What do you want to happen this year? Anything you’d like to carry over from last year and some new things you would like to experience? Let us know how you want this year to be different.

Campfire ghost stories

Keep us on our seats as you tell us your spooky ghost story. Make it scary and suspenseful using some of the stylistic themes we have covered this semester. Don’t forget to include a gripping finale that will have us thankful that we aren’t out in the woods!

BOO! What’s your haunted house like?

Imagine that you live in a haunted house. Who are the spirits and ghosts that you share your house with? Why are they haunting you in their afterlife? What do the rooms look like? Are there cobwebs? Do the stairs squeak? Are your lights constantly flickering? Set the stage by describing exactly what we would see, hear, and feel if we visited your haunted house.

These are just a few ideas – the possibilities for further prompts are limitless. Allow your students to get creative and explore the themes presented in the prompts without limitation. Creative writing should be approached as a process with grammar rules and structure parameters but no right answers.