As parents, you’re raising the minds of tomorrow. You are your child’s friend, teammate, biggest fan, challenger, teacher, and safety net.

Raising your kid means shaping their future, and we want you to shape it for success. Success means they have had all the tools from childhood designed to give them the confidence and self-esteem necessary to achieve goals and persevere. This article will look at the importance of confidence in children and our top tips for raising confident and self-assured children.

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Why confidence in kids is important

Confidence is a crucial part of the upbringing of your kids. It’s a trait that will allow them to go on and inherit other traits and skills that will be useful throughout all phases of their lives. Confidence and self-esteem encourage kids to try, but, most importantly, try again – it helps them to cope with mistakes. This ability to persevere and feel sure enough to get back up after falling shapes successful adults in all parts of their lives. Because of this, self-esteem helps kids do better at school, at home, and with friends. Kids with low self-esteem feel unsure of themselves, a problem that will have knock-on effects and replicate itself in issues throughout adulthood. This is why encouraging confidence at a young age should be a fundamental priority in raising driven, successful, happy, and well kids.

The benefits of confidence

Confidence has many benefits in both childhood and adulthood. Some of these are:

  • Better performances at school/work
  • Increased resilience and grit
  • Increased happiness, sense of well-being
  • An openness to try new things
  • Better interpersonal relationships and mental health

Tips for instilling confidence in kids

There are many ways you can set your kid up to feel capable with high self-esteem and give them the best chance at life. Below are 12 helpful tips for raising confident kids:

Model confidence yourself

Kids copy what they know, so if they see confident parents, they are more likely to apply the necessary self-esteem techniques. Even if you’re not quite feeling it, seeing you tackle new challenges with optimism and preparation sets a great tone and sends a positive message. This doesn’t mean ignoring any anxieties, as this will set unrealistic standards. It is more about acknowledging your anxieties without focusing on them and instead focusing on positive things you are doing to get ready.

Encourage them to try new things

Encouraging your kids to diversify and step outside their comfort zones by trying new activities, hobbies and challenges is a great way to build their confidence and character. Attaining new skills makes kids feel capable and confident. Having the opportunity to try new things allows them to push themselves and be better prepared for adversity and challenges in the future.

Don’t get upset about mistakes and accept failure

Teach your kids that mistakes happen, they are a natural part of life, and they are learning opportunities. Confident people don’t let fear of failure stand in their way – not because they know they won’t fail but because they know they have the strength to carry on even if they do. Mistakes are something to take in stride and use to learn and grow, not to dwell.

Praise perseverance

Learning not to give up is an important life skill. It teaches people to keep trying and to push past initial frustration. Show your kids that perseverance is best by encouraging them to re-try and stick at stuff even when it gets hard. Confidence and self-esteem are not about constant success but rather about having the resilience to keep trying.

Help kids find their passion

Allowing them to explore their interests can help kids to develop a sense of identity. This is essential to building confidence – having a sense of who you are, and through succeeding at their interests, they boost their self-esteem.

Set goals

Achieving goals make kids feel strong, capable, and successful, which will significantly boost confidence. Set them regular goals, no matter how large or small, so they can feel a joyous sense of achievement when they succeed.

Celebrate effort

Praising kids for accomplishments is excellent and necessary when raising driven, confident kids. However, it’s also important to praise the effort. Your kid should take pride in trying and working towards something in the first place, and knowing that they have your support regardless of the outcome will make them feel safe enough to try new things and strive for success.

Set them up for success

Challenges are suitable for kids, but finding a balance is also essential. Help your child get involved in activities they should succeed at to build their confidence and tackle more significant challenges.

Physical activity

Keeping your child busy with activities is a great way to build confidence. They learn new skills, they succeed, they fail, they try, and they learn. Being active and openly trying things is a great way to boost self-esteem and feel good.

Show your love

Arguably the most important tip – show them your love. Pushing them and encouraging them to branch out on their own while having enough security to know that they can always fall back on you with your love and support, win or lose, is a surefire way to guarantee that you are raising a confident child ready to take on the challenges of tomorrow.


Give your kids the gift of confidence and watch how it opens them up to a world of opportunities. We may not be able to make the world ready for our kids, but we can make our kids ready for the world. Teach confidence and watch the skills and qualities they need to persevere and succeed manifest because of it.