Many teachers prefer to create lesson plans to educate their students.

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Before selling educational resources and materials, it’s important to know the following:

Lesson plans will generally include worksheets related to class topics, several class exercises, some reading guides, and some helpful educational resources that reinforce the lesson in students’ minds.

Teachers can ensure that all their worksheets, reading guides, quizzes, and additional educational materials are fresh and relevant to modern times by creating their customized lesson plans. This allows teachers to inject much of their expertise and style into class materials. These are often much more impactful than educational materials issued by professional publishers or those materials that have been around forever in a day.

Nowadays, there’s a massive marketplace for educators to share and sell these personalized and customized resources to educators all around the globe.

This allows teachers to generate additional income while serving a worthwhile educational purpose. Sometimes, large sums of money can be made when a perfect lesson plan is available, and several educators decide to purchase it. There has never been a better time than the present to create customized lesson plans and educational materials and then sell them online.

Education resources


Creating educational materials

You might be starting from ground zero with no educational materials or already have a set of educational materials you created at some point. Create teaching materials online or convert the copies to digital copies.

You don’t need any unique talents, such as being a designer or a graphic artist, to produce your educational materials. It’s best to keep the design as simple as possible and use common software such as PowerPoint or Microsoft Word to begin your design work. If you need additional resources, you should check out online editors, which offer clip art, fonts, and templates that you can use to design your resources.

If you have some excellent design skills, you should be able to create some of your educational materials in Adobe InDesign, and then you can convert them into a file format that can be shared. Some of the materials which you might want to create include the following:

2020 was extremely difficult for educators and teachers, who have had to overcome many obstacles posed by the global pandemic. At the same time, students and their families have had to make several lifestyle modifications to continue their education and learning.

It’s to be expected that there will always be online classes, and students will always be attracted to using these virtual learning alternatives. If you can create your educational materials for a hybrid learning environment, you can maintain your materials in a desirable and valuable state for years to come. You won’t have to worry about the format or the material becoming stale or outdated, and you can continue offering the material for sale online.

The only caution associated with creating your materials is that you must be mindful of copyright infringement laws to ensure that anything you create is your product. If you’re employed now, you should also find out whether or not you retain ownership of intellectual property rights regarding any of the materials you create.

Selling educational materials

It’s easier than ever to sell teaching resources such as teacher-made worksheets, guides, and educational materials you create. Countless online marketplaces make it very easy, and this is true whether the marketplace you choose is meant explicitly for educators or whether it’s a general site like Etsy.

On our Educational Marketplace, you can shop, sell, and fundraise. There is a world of opportunity awaiting you at Classful to sell the materials you’ve prepared for 5% + a 2.9 + $0.30 (Stripe) processing fee. Another popular site is TeachersPayTeachers. Depending on your plan, the payout rate for materials sold on this website will fluctuate between 55% and 80%. A site like TeachersPayTeachers does provide access to all kinds of educators, but it will always charge a more significant commission.

So whether it’s Classful vs. Teacherspayteachers vs. Etsy, it would be wise to add your content wherever you can, even though you may get paid more or less depending on the platform.

Sign-up is easy on Classful. Choose “Shop” as the account type, enter your name and email address, and start adding products!

How to promote your educational materials

Now that you’ve created a body of teaching materials that you would like to make available to other educators and listed them on at least one marketplace, it’s time to start thinking about how to increase sales of your content. Some educators post their content to a specific marketplace and hope it gets lots of attention and drives lots of sales.

If you want to ensure that the outcome is a little more favorable, you should develop a plan for promoting your content to receive maximum visibility. Some of the components of your promotion plan should include proven tactics like the following:

  • Collaborate with other educators through social media to demonstrate your expertise and help increase your audience
  • Blog regularly and provide descriptions of the teaching materials you’ve created and have made available for sale
  • Make it possible for interested buyers to have previews of your content
  • Make sure to include Pinterest as one of your targets
  • Post frequently to social media about your educational materials
  • Include giveaways or bonus items when individuals make purchases
  • Link directly to your educational materials in any online post that you produce

Establishing your brand and your following on social media will undoubtedly boost your sales and allow you to earn more money. As you develop your online presence, you should also learn about the teaching materials that other educators are looking for. This could give you a new line of educational materials to create and bring to the online marketplace for sale.

Teaching materials with universal application

The great thing about creating your teaching materials for sale is that they are not restricted to specific areas, such as worksheets for reading or arithmetic, nor are they restricted to any particular grade level. Individuals of all ages enjoy learning, whether it be new skills, sports, educational classes, or culinary pursuits.

You can create educational materials which are relevant and helpful in teaching all kinds of subjects, and they can be made available to an extensive range of potential purchasers. You can reach even more buyers by embedding links right on your site or linking to the content from posts you make on social media.

Whether creating material for an online course, a step-by-step procedure, or possibly a brand-new cookbook, you may want to investigate all the possibilities you can achieve by creating, promoting, and selling on Classful.com.