Teachers are awesome: that’s why we created this article to help you with your thank you letters to teachers.

Inspirational thank you letters to teachers to show appreciation

The daily struggle of lesson plans and lunch breaks can make it easy to forget how much power we truly have as teachers. The task of keeping order in classrooms full of thriving young people just doesn’t leave much time to truly reflect on the impact we have on their minds beyond the knowledge we’re trying to impart.

It’s often not what we teach in the classrooms, but in our personal interactions with students that we can accomplish the most. A brief conversation after class, a compliment, or even just a smile can mean a lot to a student. These moments can stay with a young person and shape their lives long after we have moved onto the next pupil or the next class.

Thank you letters to teachers to show appreciation

Here’s a sincere message of gratitude to teachers, those who guide us through some of the most chaotic times of our lives. We want to remind you how much of an impact you can have, not just on each student you teach, but as a profession and a community long after classes are over. Enjoy this collection of thank you notes from students to teachers who went on to improve the course of their lives.

Examples of thank you letters to teachers

Dear Sir,

When we first met in your English class, I thought I would hate you forever. I hated the way you made sure I was wearing my school uniform correctly, and how you told me to stand up straight before I could answer a question in class. What did clothes or posture have to do with language arts, I wondered? Well, the dignity and discipline you instilled in me through what I thought was nitpicking about clothing, posture, and grammar helped turn me into the successful individual I am today.

What I really couldn’t stand were your high expectations. You wouldn’t accept anything unless it was the best we could possibly do, or the best you thought we could do — and sometimes that was more than I thought I could do. At the very least, what you thought was my best was usually more work than I really wanted to do — not just for class, but for anything I did.

We argued so many times, especially at the beginning of the year. I can’t even remember how many times you kept me in during lunch. I thought it was a punishment, but now I realize you were making sure I had time to cool down when things got particularly heated. I would raise my voice, I would burst into tears, and I know I even made threats a few times. But you didn’t lose your temper, and you might have been the only adult in my life who never did.

You listened to me, no matter how loud I got, because you knew that I just needed to be heard. You were patient with me, even if I didn’t care. And you gave me second chances no matter how many times I screwed up.

When I think about your English class today, I may not remember what you taught us about Beowulf, but I do remember what you taught me about myself. What I can now recognize as your faith in my abilities showed me my true value, beyond what I or anyone else in my life believed. You showed me that I could be whatever I wanted, and that’s been the most important lesson I’ve ever learned.

Thank you.

— A student.

To my teacher:

Looking back on my life, I know it would have been drastically different if I hadn’t gotten you as my science teacher in grade 7. I hope it wouldn’t have been bad, but I know how much I could have missed out on, and I’m eternally grateful I didn’t. You opened my eyes to what I could accomplish and what I could become in ways that I never would have thought to be possible without you. I was a kid from a small town, and it was all I really knew. I could have been contented with that, but you made me want to see what lay beyond the fields I knew, and for that I am forever grateful.

I don’t remember what the lesson was about. Maybe it was meant to be about technology, or space exploration, or the environment, but it didn’t end up that way. You told us about what the future had looked like when you were our age, about your hopes and dreams for what humanity could become and for what you could have been. You talked to us about the things you’d accomplished, but also about what you regretted. I still remember what you told us about your life and how you’d gotten there. I guess nobody had really shown us how to connect the dots before, how to get from a wide-eyed kid to someone who could really make a difference. That’s when I realized how much was possible.

I had so many dreams, and I don’t think I could have accomplished any of them without your example. You changed the way I thought about life and about learning. Now I know that I’m capable of anything with enough dedication and hard work.

Thank you,

Nick (Graduated)


I’m writing to you not just as a former student, but as a friend. Too often we climb through life without a look back to express the connection we feel with others and the gratitude we feel for their presence in our lives. You engage, inspire, and empower your students every single day, and I wanted you to know that we notice how much you care.

You don’t just try to figure out how to get information into their heads, you care about your students as people. Your class was always an environment where I was eager to express myself! You made me feel like you cared about what I had to say, and that you valued my strengths and my unique abilities instead of just focusing on how you could erase my weaknesses. You were excited to hear what I had to say, and I loved it when you said you learned something new from me, or when you’d tell me I asked a question that made you think.

Thank you for your time, your patience, your realness. Thank you for encouraging me, for supporting me, for caring about me. Thank you for seeing me as a partner in education, as someone who can teach others as well as learn. Thank you for inspiring me to learn, and for inspiring me to help others the way you have.

With gratitude,

Your friend (Graduated)