Teaching isn’t just about teaching.

Sometimes, what happens behind the scenes after the children have all gone home is equally as important.

Papers have to be checked and graded. Student progress needs to be tracked, and reports and spreadsheets are written to make learning adjustments – these are the sorts of tasks that are never shown in Hollywood movies about inspirational teachers such as Robin Williams’ character in “Dead Poets Society.”

Educating learners of every grade and learning level is a tough profession. You’re juggling two workloads simultaneously: the active teaching and clerical-administrative aspects. We’ve all heard grueling stories about teachers bringing paperwork home and working overnight to catch up.

Of course, teaching is a noble vocation, but if you’ve got a family, you also want to spend time with them. With the advent of digital applications, we now have tools to help educators plan their respective curricula, create formative and benchmark assessments, and collaborate with other instructors using online platforms.

Mastery Connect is a program that empowers education professionals with the necessary technical tools to make their workload process smoother and more efficient.

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Mastery Tracker

Mastery Connects’s main feature, the Mastery Tracker, gives teachers a user-friendly digital interface that can assess and analyze any content ranging from rubrics, oral assessments, and writing assessments to various other curriculum or content types. Aside from this, you can also create easily-customized curriculum maps where you can combine standard and custom sets that can be dragged and dropped into any sequence.

It also enables teachers to identify and support struggling students with its cutting-edge Response To Intervention (RTI) function. With the fast-paced nature of education nowadays, it’s difficult to focus on individuals who need help, most of whom tragically get lost in the shuffle. The RTI tracker creates simple reports that allow administrators and teachers to respond quickly to the needs of struggling learners.

Common assessment generation and sharing

Sharing common assessments between colleagues saves time and trims the workload, effectively freeing teachers to focus on children who require more assistance in class. With Mastery Connect’s assessment sharing and creation function, educators can upload any document type, from Word to PDF.

Mastery Connect’s digital tools allow teachers to deliver technology-enhanced items, or TEIs, on tablets, smartphones, and through accessible web browsers. When a replacement teacher has to pick up another educator’s shift, Mastery Tracker can prove to be a time-saver and a lifesaver by sending important information (such as class schedules, lesson plans, and assignments) to a mobile device with just the touch of a button.

Best of all, Mastery Tracker provides assessment sharing, free of charge, to registered users.

Digital grading tools and school district reporting

Like most of Mastery Connect’s functions, the Gradecam Bubble Sheet scanning tool gives teachers their time back by allowing them to scan and upload plain paper bubble sheets, which makes grading easier and smoother. For those looking to save budgets on paper (and create an eco-friendly footprint), these assessments can be sent, viewed, and analyzed on laptops and PCs.

The digital assessments uploaded or created on Mastery Connect’s platform can also be exported to any Student Information System (SIS) or grade book, which makes sharing these assessments stressful and hassle-free.

Mastery Connect also allows school administrators to collaborate around the data collected and assessed through the platform. This benefits educational stakeholders, such as parents and families, who want to learn more about the standards taught and applied in the classroom.

Improve learning and instruction with Mastery Connect

The spoken word poet, Taylor Mali, wrote in his poem “What Teachers Make” that teachers “make a goddamn difference. Now, what about you?” And this statement rings true even in our fast-paced, increasingly digitized learning environment. With Mastery Connect’s tools, you can save more time and focus on the thing that matters most – making a difference in students’ lives.