Mistakes are a part of life, and teaching is no exception. The most important thing is to learn from your mistakes as well as you can, which will be important throughout your entire teaching career.

Your classroom won’t always look the way you want it to

It may get a bit disorganized at times. While you’re likely to get better at organization over time, it will still be rare for it to look exactly the way you want it to. You also may find that you don’t always display student work the right way, which can take away from your classroom’s appearance.

You’ll make mistakes when interacting with students

Interactions with students don’t always go the way you expect, which is because it’s impossible to be prepared for all the situations that could come up. Not only that, but some days are likely to be harder than others because of this.

Here are a few examples of situations that could take you by surprise:

  • Sometimes, a student who is normally well-behaved will cause disruptive behavior, which can surprise even the most experienced teachers.
  • You may not always notice when a student is distracted, such as a student who frequently texts during class.
  • You are likely to have an exceptionally difficult time getting certain students motivated, which is a problem that even the most experienced teachers are likely to be faced with.

Not every lecture will be perfect

Sometimes, your lectures will end up wandering or going slightly off topic, which is expected but likely to be less of a problem as you gain experience.

Furthermore, you’re likely to find that certain situations may make your lectures more likely to wander, such as these:

  • If you’re teaching a new class for the first time, your lectures could be somewhat more likely to wander.
  • In some cases, disruptive students could cause you to lose track of where you were in a lecture.
  • If you are distracted or have not gotten a night of good sleep, your lectures might be more likely to wander or be hard to follow.

You won’t always handle disgruntled parents well

Sometimes, you’ll deal with disgruntled parents during parent-teacher meetings or during interactions with them at the end of the school day. While you’ll get better at handling these types of situations as you gain experience as a teacher, it won’t always go the way that you expect.

These are a few reasons why you will not always be able to deal with disgruntled parents effectively:

  • You may find that it simply isn’t possible to get through to some people, which can happen for a variety of reasons.
  • Some parents become disgruntled because they’re hoping their child will receive preferential treatment, which is often an impossible situation to deal with.
  • You may encounter parents who want you to change your curriculum in ways that would compromise the quality of the education.

What you can realistically expect

While you can expect to make mistakes during your career, it’s also reasonable to expect that you’ll become more able to deal with situations that arise as you become a more experienced teacher.

Here are a few examples of reasons why you’ll be less likely to make mistakes as you become a more experienced teacher:

  • You can expect that situations that may have caught you off guard in the past don’t feel so unexpected as you become more experienced as a teacher, which can greatly improve your performance as a teacher.
  • Expect that you’ll be more easily able to improve in some areas than others, which is the case in any profession.
  • You’ll become more familiar with the experience of meeting new students.