Whether you’re only just starting your career as a tutor or you’re looking to tutor as a way of weaning yourself off teaching, there is plenty to gain from online tutoring.

It’s a fun and accessible way of impacting the next generation of learners without leaving your house. Learn more about online tutoring jobs and some opportunities available to prospective tutors looking to continue their careers outside physical school environments.

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What is online tutoring?

Before seeing some examples of online tutoring jobs, knowing what these roles are is a must. Online tutoring is a discipline that involves having video and audio calls with students, talking them through subjects that they struggle with, and helping to build their understanding in these areas. The majority of online tutors specialize in a particular area. These could include:

  • Subjects: Specializing in Math, English, and Science.
  • Age groups: Specializing in a particular class, such as kindergarten up to college students.
  • Goals: Some online tutors target specific college admissions in their work, helping their students towards the college of their choice.

Data shows that students with high-intensity tutoring perform to a much higher standard throughout their academic career than those without tutoring opportunities, making a role in tutoring the perfect opportunity for someone seeking to make a real difference in the education sector.

Online tutor jobs

See a series of some of the online tutor jobs that are available to tutors looking to grow their careers. These jobs vary in salary, prerequisites, and students that you deal with in the position. Some of the companies hiring tutors include:


One of the options that you can take when looking for a tutoring role is working on a freelance basis. This means being self-employed and comes with a few unique challenges. Freelance tutors find their clients, set their prices, and complete their business documentation, such as setting up a business. One of the benefits of following this route is that you can earn whatever you charge, with a drawback being that it takes a little more effort to find clients, and you are entirely responsible for your success. It’s a career option for the brave, but one that can see you thrive if it goes well.


Outschool is somewhat similar to working on a freelance basis. It has the freedom of any subject matter, and you set your pay rates with Outschool simply taking a 30% commission</a> from its users. The only further requirements are that you must complete an ID and background check, keeping students safe from anyone using tutoring as an opportunity to complete nefarious acts. Outschool is an ideal route to maximizing your earnings, providing tutors with a platform to work to an incredibly high standard while having a captive audience on the platform. It’s an ideal blend between working freelance and being part of a larger tutoring company.


Skooli provides tutors with an excellent route into the tutoring industry. When using Skooli, students enter their queries into the site and get matched up with a tutor with the right area of expertise for their needs. This means that tutors sometimes help with tasks as simple as homework questions, with others meaning more traditional tutoring sessions. The platform requires that tutors have at least a teaching certificate or relevant bachelor’s degree and a complete background check. Hence, students know they are receiving a great standard of education. At $25/hour, this isn’t the ideal pay rate, but it is a good step for building your experience before finding a more permanent tutoring role.


italki has a specific focus on teaching students all about languages. Languages are an increasingly important tool as the world becomes more globalized, while 231 million Americans can only speak English. This means the demand for language tutors will spike exponentially in the coming years. Tutors with degrees in language teaching or teaching certificates have the best chance of succeeding in their applications. Anyone who succeeds in their application can set their tutoring rates with a 15% commission going to italki. The platform is perfect for anyone looking into linguistics or foreign language teaching without experience.


Owned by The Princeton Review, Tutor.com focuses on preparing people to complete tests. While the nature of the tests fairly limits the specific matter that tutors teach, the subjects that people teach are incredibly broad and cover more than 200 options. The requirements are relatively simple for the subject, with the availability of five hours per week in addition to a Bachelor’s degree and a high level of expertise in the subject. This is an opportunity for starter tutors with salaries averaging $15/hour. Still, some of the more experienced tutors the company hires can benefit from far greater salaries thanks to their expertise and more complex tests in their relevant subject areas.


TutorMe is one of the highest-rated tutoring websites with ratings from real tutors. This means that the tutors on the website think that the pay rate of $16/hour is more than reasonable and the company is ideal for working within a selection of situations. You’re paid not only for the time you spend tutoring but any time you spend writing feedback for your students, with the platform offering an online space to teach. In exchange for this great tutoring environment, tutors need over two years of tutoring experience, a place or degree at a university, and a thorough background check. Only one in twenty-five applicants make it through the TutorMe process, but the effort is comfortably worth it in the long run for those that succeed.


International tutoring is an increasingly prevalent trend, with tutors educating children worldwide in various subjects, such as English as a Second Language. Research shows a growing trend of interactive learning in Chinese students. This is where VIPKid is a market leader. This is one of the most famous online tutoring sites revolving around teaching Chinese elementary school children English as a foundation to create a career internationally. Requirements to work for VIPKid include having a bachelor’s degree and two years of experience in teaching or tutoring already, but the pay rates of up to $22/hour make the hurdles well worth it. Applicants must record a demo lesson and become certified if accepted for the position, with the hours they work being one of the most challenging issues, thanks to the time difference.

PrepNow Tutoring

PrepNow Tutoring is one of the more rigorous high school SAT and ACT prep tutoring companies, reflected in the requirements for the role. Candidates require a bachelor’s degree and two years of experience in tutoring or teaching to secure a position, all while being available for six hours every week at the very least. Having an average salary of $19/hour does help to somewhat lessen that blow, with a wage higher than most rival companies. One of the best parts of PrepNow is that the curriculum is pre-designed, and you’re trained on how to use it, so although Advanced Math knowledge is a must, you know you have plenty of support throughout.


Studypool is a tutoring platform focused on answering homework questions and other queries that people have, with a unique system for payment that others don’t use. This involves tutors bidding for questions and indicating what they would charge for their services before the student chooses a tutor. There are no requirements for taking on a role, but there are no guarantees of earning an income due to the bidding system. Studypool also takes a 20% cut from your earnings, but this is the price that tutors on the platform pay for the greater level of flexibility that the bidding system provides.


When you’re looking to provide a head start in your own tutoring business, Wyzant is an ideal platform. You create your profile and list your areas of expertise, the times you are available, and the amount you charge and wait for clients to come to you. The requirements are simple, you complete an application and get posted on the website after proving your proficiency in the subject of your choice. Wyzant takes a 25% platform fee and a 9% service fee, which is the price you pay for the greater levels of exposure. Not the perfect option for someone seeking a career as a tutor, but a great way to get your name out there to potential clients in the future.

Varsity Tutors

Varsity Tutors is a great tutoring opportunity for anyone looking to work in a first-time tutoring job or launch their own small business (as 31.7 Americans already have). The site prioritizes test preparation for students, teaching people how to handle the difficulties of their exams. There are no requirements for new tutors, but you need to apply and have some evidence of a high level of competence in the subject matter. You can work for Varsity Tutors regardless of your main area of interest and earn $17/hour for tutoring and $15/hour for test prep, giving you plenty of flexibility depending on the direction that you want to take in your career and what you hope to earn.

How much can online tutors earn?

Online tutor earnings vary wildly depending on a few factors. This includes the employer you work for, whether you work on a freelance basis, the age of the children you work with, and the standard of tutoring you offer. Every learner differs from one another, which means that every tutor approaches students in different ways and can charge different amounts for their services. Make the most of your clients by increasing the standard of your tutoring work and building a portfolio full of successful tutoring examples.

What are the benefits of online tutoring?

There are several benefits of online tutoring, depending on the reasons for your online tutoring. If you’re a young person looking to get into teaching, online tutoring is necessary. This provides you with plenty of experience working with students needing help in certain subjects, engaging with them in more detail, and using problem-solving skills in a practical environment. Experience in practical tutoring is a major asset for people trying to secure a job.

Tutoring is also ideal for people that are leaving the world of teaching. Teaching plays a major role in people’s lives, with the average teacher impacting over 3,000 students throughout their careers. Online tutoring can be a way for recently retired teachers to keep making a difference in young people’s prospects through retirement, providing an ideal means of keeping in touch with old colleagues and providing students with the resources and skills to thrive in their lives.