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For teachers, creating a high-quality custom resume can mean the difference between being passed over for that next perfect position, and getting your dream job the first time. With preschool a more competitive field than most, especially compared to educators going into high school or college environments, it’s even more important to make a great impression.

So how can you create a preschool teacher resume that’s both informative and attractive to potential employers?

It’s all about the way that you present yourself, and the style of resume you create. For a teacher, the skills you need aren’t the same as an office job or retail position; forget about your earlier style of resume for your pre-education career, and start from scratch.

With jobs within the preschool sector of education looking to grow by as much as 10% by 2025, according to the statistics provided by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there’s never been a better time to get in on a reliable, coveted career. But with so many other like-minded educators also leaping at the chance to enter into one of the top teaching careers, an exceptional resume is required to stand out from the rest.

Read on to find out more about what a preschool teacher’s resume should look like, along with a sample to use when it comes to creating your own.

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What a preschool teacher resume should include

For a preschool teacher to be successful in his or her job search, a great resume is vital. This is especially true in such as a highly-coveted field in just about every state, thanks in part to the age range of children you will be working with. Whether you’re a student teacher applying for full-time positions for after graduation or you’re an educator looking to move to a different area, a resume that includes all the basics needed is one that’s more likely to catch the eye of potential employers.

The average preschool teacher resume should include:

  • A short description of what makes you an excellent preschool teacher
  • Record of your qualifications and certifications
  • Details about your skill-set
  • Full information on past teaching experience
  • Past education information
  • Contact details for further information as well as references

Including all of the above can provide any potential educator with the full range of details they need to know if you’re the right fit from the job. Injecting a little personality into your resume through a short description of your passions, skills, and talents can provide the details that differentiate your resumes from other ones out there. As a field that favors professionalism and expertise over creativity and style, your resume must be readable and easy to understand. While graphics-heavy and infographics-based resumes are very much on-trend, they are certainly better suited to graphic designs and arts jobs. Instead, stick to something professional, simple, and neutral to allow your information to speak for itself.

Read on for a template of a preschool teacher resume, that you can use to create your sample to apply for preschool positions.

Template for preschool teacher resumes

Flower Town, NY, 11111 | 111 111-1111 | [email protected] | linkedin.com/pageurl

CDA-Certified – Preschool Teacher

Enthusiastic, creative, and focused preschool teacher with specific experience teaching extra needs and general population students aged 3-5 as part of employment at an accredited, certified STARS level 4 preschool. Passionate about working with pre-schoolers to further their education and understanding of the world. Committed to offering learning-centered education optimized to help students succeed and develop.


  • Lesson Planning
  • Developing in Early Childhood
  • Portfolios for Growth
  • Creation Lessons Design
  • Experiential and Cooperative Learning
  • Programs for Early Literacy
  • Management in the Classroom
  • Extracurricular Support and Planning
  • Administrative Growth and Development

“Miss Teacher has been an excellent addition to our pre-K program since joining in 2012… offering best practice, passion, and teaching excellence in even difficult circumstances… creative, resourceful, patient and caring in the face on any obstacle…”

-George Supervisor, Supervisor, 123 Preschool

Teaching Experience

123 PRESCHOOL (SACS-accredited, state-certified and Level 4-rated preschool (STARS)) — Flower Town, NY

  • Preschool Teacher, 3/12 to Present Day

Design and implemented an effective lesson plan and enjoyable learning activities utilizing ECSEL (Emotional Cognitive Social Early Learning) curriculum, and providing the foundation to prepare children for kindergarten through managing personal needs, care and hygiene.

Produced themed, creative lessons and instructions with high energy across a range of different pre-K subjects, including Science, Arts, Math, and Social Studies, in classrooms of 15+ students in a complete inclusive setting.

Created a nurturing, learning-based, and fun atmosphere to encourage student participation. Recognized for excellence in teaching and best practice in education at annual review.

Connected with parents and children to form lasting, healthy relationships to support education. Acted as a leader for a range of extracurricular activities and creative lesson planning, including using indoor and outdoor spaces for optimal learning.

Acted as part of the QRIS (Quality Rating and Improvement System) team. Supported the integration of new teacher training processes, technology, and enhancements to curriculum, helping to boost 123 Preschool to a STARS rating of 4.

XYZ CENTER (ACSI-accredited and certified preschool and kindergarten) — Sunflower Village, NY

  • Kindergarten Student Teacher, 1/11 to 5/11

Supported supervisory teacher in the creation of play-based lessons and activities for building skill in the areas of Science, Math, and Arts. Made engaging curriculum plans and experiences designed for students with additional needs, including ADHD as well as general population students.

Education & Credentials

Daisy University — Flower Town, NY
BA – Early Childhood Education
Graduated magna cum laude (3.9 GPA)

  • Certified Preschool CDA – Child Development Associate

Certified in CPR and First Aid • References Available Upon Request • Open to Relocation

Are you applying for preschool jobs? Perhaps you’ve just graduated recently, and you’re looking for a little inspiration to spruce up your resume.