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3 DIY Fidget Spinners Telling Time Clock Face Color Wheel Fabric Font Numbers With Movable Hour Minute Hands Sensory Toys

Telling time has never been more colorful and fun with this clock face printable, with 3 pairs of color wheel clock faces, for making fidget spinners! All you need is this printable, print onto washable inkjet fabric with HeatnBond interfacing ironed to the back, or laminated paper card stock, a straw, buttons, plus needle & thread! At the bottom is the link the Youtube video with my nephew demonstrating the fidget spinner spinning!

The hour and minute hands are sized and provided as well, to cut out and hole punch, with HeatnBond ironed to back to keep the edges from fraying

Letter size pdf printable sheet

3 pairs of color wheel clock faces, for front and back viewing, with movable hands

2 smaller sizes for preschool /kindergarten ages 3-5

larger 1 size for ages 5-9

Supplies needed:

Either letter size washable inkjet fabric and letter size Therm o Web ironed to the back, paperbacked, HeatnBond Lite interfacing (for sewing with machine, hand sew, or no sew fabric craft)
or paper card stock letter size with Scotch self laminating sheet
2 clear, 2 holed buttons per fidget spinner
needle & thread, 18" long, fed through eye of needle, halved then knotted
straw cut to 1/2", then cut open, rerolled tighter to 1/8" in diameter, flap glued to itself with hot glue
Can sew, hand stitch front and back panels, facing in, with HeatnBond ironed to back, as it will seal holes hole punched, give clock shape and structure with opening to pull inside out, outer seam allowances snipped every 1/4" or use the tip of your finger as a gauge to snip.

This is a clock face with the color wheel, showing 12 color intervals, for every hour / 5 minute mark.

I wanted to have a more exciting, and catchy way for kids to learn how to tell time, how to know what time the hands represent on an analog clock face. I'm an artist, so I also wanted to show children how colors relate and are on a color wheel.

This lead me to realize, "Hey wait a second - there are 12 basic colors, to simply break them down for a kid, in a color wheel ...and there are 12 hours in a day ...why not combine the two!"

I wanted to represent the minutes, too, and hopefully, not be too overwhelming for children, in regard to the layout of the numbers and colors. So, I came up with this design concept.

I used darker, saturated colors for the 12 numbers, with a pastel background similar to those colors. Then, I centered a bold, bright, saturated, jewel toned, color wheel in the center, with similar color layout for the "dash" minute and longer hour marks near the outer edge of the clock. Also note, inside the center color wheel, the colors are labeled with their names, but using their complimentary colors, opposite of them on the color wheel. Example, labeled blue violet, but with a yellow orange colored font.

There are 3 sets of colors:

primary: blue, red, yellow
secondary: purple, orange, and green
tertiary: blue violet (iris or indigo), red violet (orchid, neon purple, some call it magenta), red orange (tomato), yellow orange (sunburst, tumeric), yellow green (chartreuse), and blue green (aqua, teal, ocean blue)
There are hands for the longer minute and shorter hour hands, that you can cut out, poke a hole / hole punch the center, and attach to the clock face, by hole punching the white center dot with an awl or pencil / pen, or I use Fiskars non-stick crafting embroidery size scissors for papercrafts. You can then either:

Snip a straw down to 1/4" to 1/2", and slide through the hole of the clock face, then slide the minute then hour hands over the straw through the holes, then place a button on top, then glue both, or sew on with thread and a needle
Take 2 buttons, sew through one button, leaving tail long enough to bring the other end through when finished, to tie off and knot, thread through clock center white dot hole, place hands on top, sewing / threading through holes, then sew a button on top, sew several times through 2 or 4 holes securely, then bring needle and thread back though the holes in the layers of the button, hands, clock face, and bottom button, tie off and knot.
Oh, and for the numbers, I felt it different to introduce my fabric font numbers for the hour / 5 minute marks! I created a logo for my business, Fabricated Frames, making simulated lengths of fabric, drawn, to form letters, numbers, and now other characters, and word art. Custom names, word art, tags / captions, and/or card / invite printables available upon request. Clock design, printable, & fabric font copyright protected 2000 by Kristie Hubler. All Rights Reserved. Not for resale. For personal use only.

You can also print this onto a washable, inkjet printer fabric sheet, and back with iron on interfacing, and another layer of fabric for backing, back sides facing out, sew along outer edge of clock face, leaving an opening big enough for your hand to pull and turn the piece inside out, but turn inside out after you snipped the seam allowance ever 1/4" around, or the thickness of your thumb, stopping right before the stitch line. Turn piece out, sew opening shut, press with iron, then sew a finished stitch edge around the piece. Hole punch the center white dot, where the interfacing, Therm o Web HeatnBond is good for interfacing, seals the fabric, keeping it from fraying.

Can print onto cardstock, and laminate both sides, to preserve, for continued use.

Youtube video with my nephew demonstrating the fidget spinner, showing it spinning at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Ob2wDMDUW8

Thank you!

Kristie Hubler

[email protected]

3 DIY Fidget Spinners Telling Time Clock Face Color Wheel Fabric Font Numbers With Movable Hour Minute Hands Sensory Toys Telling time has never been more colorful and fun with this clock face printable, with 3 pairs of color wheel... more
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3 DIY Fidget Spinners Telling Time Clock Face Color Wheel Fabric Font Numbers With Movable Hour Minute Hands Sensory Toys

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