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Gifted, Special Education, Teacher
Kindergarten, Pre-K, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th, Adult Ed, Higher Ed, Not applicable
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Cooperative Learning, Fun, Printables
99+ Pages
Back to School, ELA


☆ 147 pages
☆ Includes 7 products
☆ PDF files
☆ Excellent for ALL grade levels and subject areas!

Products included in this bundle:
☆ Accountable Talk Discussion Trackers (Data Collection)
☆ Accountable Talk Posters
☆ Accountable Talk Reflection Sheets
☆ Accountable Talk Basic Materials
☆ Accountable Talk Sentence Stem Strips
☆ Accountable Talk Speech Bubbles
☆ Reading Discussion Starter Bookmarks

This resource includes:
------ 12 Discussion Trackers (Data Collection) Editable!
------ 70 Rectangular Accountable Talk Stem Strips (Color and B&W) (There are 5 strips for EACH category - 14 categories X 5 sentence strips = 70 Rectangular Stem Strips in Total!) (COLOR and B&W)
------ 32 Accountable Talk Speech Bubbles (Rainbow and B&W)
------ 10 Reading/Discussion Starter Bookmarks
------ 2 Accountable Talk Desk Tags
------ 1 Accountable Talk Sentence Starter Sheet
------ 1 Discussion Note-Catcher Graphic Organizer
------ 1 Peer Evaluation Accountable Talk Discussion Rubric
------ 3 Accountable Talk Reflection Sheets (Print and Digital)
------ 13 Accountable Talk Posters (in 3 sets: 8.5x11, 11x14 - PDF and JPEG)

This Accountable Talk Bundle contains meaningful Accountable Talk tools to promote student collaborative talk in the classroom! These tools encourage academic, productive, active, and respectful conversations between students. These materials will provide them with varied opportunities to practice, apply, and build "new" language proficiency. These tools will also enhance their listening and speaking skills and increase rigor in the classroom!

13 Accountable Talk Posters
These Accountable Talk Posters feature the following Accountable Talk categories:
☆ Invite Others to Discuss
☆ Introduce Evidence
☆ Summarize
☆ Disagree
☆ Agree
☆ Comment
☆ Build On
☆ Clarify
☆ Predict
☆ Infer
☆ Question
☆ Visualize
☆ Make A Connection

All 13 posters are colorful, contain an image that reflects the Accountable Talk category and appropriate sentence stem starters that can be posted anywhere in the room where students can see and refer to during discussions. You can print them out on gloss paper and laminate for optimal quality.


12 Editable Classroom Talk / Discussion Trackers (Data Collection)

This resource includes 12 different Accountable Talk / Classroom Talk Discussion Trackers (in different variations). Two of the Accountable Data Trackers are "student trackers" and titled “My Discussion Tracker” where students can keep track of their own participation during classroom talk. These trackers enable you to keep track of who's making:

☆ Claims/Inferences
☆ Supporting their Ideas with Evidence
☆ Providing an Analysis or Explanation of their Claims/Inferences (Substance)
☆ Volunteering their Ideas
☆ Using Accountable Talk Stems
☆ Engaging in Respectful Communication with Peers
☆ Actively Listening
☆ Making Connections
☆ Building on Others’ Ideas
☆ Not Contributing to Discussion
☆ Not Using Accountable Talk Stems
☆ Does Not Support Ideas with Evidence
☆ Interrupting Others (as they speak)
☆ Engaged in Side Activities
☆ Lacking Substance

Some trackers also provides you opportunities to jot down important key points that students have shared during discussion as well as some interventions needed to help them engage better in classroom talk.

All this information can be tracked in these Classroom Talk / Accountable Talk Discussion Trackers. The data captured in these trackers can greatly help you provide the necessary interventions needed to support students in rigorous classroom talk. These trackers can also help you monitor their progress and have evidence of student learning. Your administrators will love you for this!

Additionally, all 12 Discussion Trackers come in EDITABLE forms, so you can easily modify according to your needs and your students’ needs.

***PLEASE NOTE: The editable trackers do not contain the same fonts, borders, and clipart images as in the PDF version due to copyright purposes and requirements made by other contributing clipart artists. However, you may add your own borders and images to the editable version as well as change the fonts to your own style. The trackers themselves in the editable version are the same as the PDF version. The PDF version contains all the visually appealing fonts, clipart graphics, and borders.


70 Rectangular Accountable Talk Stem Strips (5 strips for each of the 14 categories)

There are 5 rectangular Accountable Talk Stem Strips for EACH category. Included are both COLORED and B&W Sentence Strips. These rectangular Accountable Talk Stem Strips provide students with access to five different option speech starters for each category.

How You Can Use the Stem Strips

One great idea is to provide students with these rectangular stems and have them write their names on the back. During discussion, every time a student introduces/expresses his or her ideas using the sentence starter on the Accountable Talk Rectangular Stem Strip, they hand that stem strip to you. At the end of class, you will be able to see and take note of how many times each student used the stem starter during discussion when presenting ideas. (All you have to do is look at their names in the back). It's an AMAZING way to keep track of who’s using Accountable Talk during discussion and who isn’t, then provide intervention to ensure that students are using them. Students will also see that they are being held accountable for engaging in productive classroom talk using academic language!

You can also display them on your bulletin boards so students can use them as a reference when engaging in productive, respectful talk!

32 Accountable Talk Speech Bubbles

This resource includes 32 Accountable Talk Speech Bubbles (Rainbow and B&W) that can be posted anywhere in the classroom where students can reference them during discussions. These Speech Bubbles will help students actively engage in meaningful, respectful discussion with their peers. They contain Accountable Talk discussion starters to encourage academic, productive, and respectful conversations between students. These will provide them with varied opportunities to practice, apply, and build "new" language proficiency.

10 Reading/Discussion Starter Bookmarks

Ten attractive reading strategy bookmarks that students can use when they read or engage in classroom talk. Each bookmark includes sentence stems consistent with the following reading strategy categories:

☆ Determining Importance
☆ Making Inferences
☆ Questioning
☆ Evaluating
☆ Predicting
☆ Summarizing
☆ Visualizing
☆ Text-to-Self Connections
☆ Text-to-Text Connections
☆ Text-to-World Connections.

These bookmarks are a great way to inspire your students to read, have in a school library, use as classroom prizes or give to students just because!

You may:
☆ Print and cut each one out (as there are four bookmarks on each sheet)
☆ For long lasting use, photocopy onto card stock paper, or laminate them.
☆ For personal touch you can also hole-punch the tops and tie a ribbon through!

2 Accountable Talk Desk Tags (in two different themes)

The Desk Tags are Accountable Talk “mini posters” that can be printed and nicely taped to the corner of students' desk, so they can reference them all year long! They can refer to these tags for every activity, written and oral!

1 Accountable Talk Sentence Starter Sheet

The Accountable Talk Sentence Starter Sheet includes discussion stems for 8 Accountable Talk categories:
☆ Agreeing
☆ Disagreeing
☆ Using Evidence
☆ Adding On
☆ Clarifying
☆ Questioning
☆ Predicting
☆ Inferring

Students can keep these sheets in their folders and have access to them where ever they go, especially at home. They can use these discussion starters in their writing and homework assignments as well!

1 Discussion Note-Catcher Graphic Organizer

The Discussion Note-Catcher Graphic Organizer ensures that students are active listeners while taking note of important ideas they hear. They can always refer back to their notes when it's time to complete written assignments. This graphic organizer holds students accountable for listening and speaking.

1 Peer Evaluation Accountable Talk Discussion Rubric

The Peer Evaluation Accountable Talk Discussion Rubric is meant for students to use and asses each other during Class Talk. Before beginning a discussion or debate, give each student a Peer Evaluation Rubric with another student’s name on it. (You can decide who will asses who, or you can just randomly write the names on Rubrics). Ask students to “secretly” observe and assess that student’s participation during the class discussion or debate. Students should not know who is assessing who so that evaluations of participation are fair. Throughout the discussion or debate, students will take meaningful notes of their classmates’ performances. At the end of the discussion or debate, give them 5 minutes to score the student whose name is on their Peer Evaluation Rubric. Finally, students can go up to the person they were observing and hand them the rubric. At the very end, the teacher collects the rubrics for review. This has worked so well for me! Students were always “on their toes." Students found it so exciting to be observed by classmates and also observe others.

3 Accountable Talk Reflection Sheets (Print and Digital)

Students' reflection of classroom talk helps them identify areas and skills that need both improvement and enrichment. These reflection sheets encourage students to reflect about their experiences during collaborative talk and develop an appreciation for particular skills involved. These reflection sheets are student-friendly making it feasible for students of all levels to think and write about their overall participation in a collaborative learning environment. Reflection sheets contain images, sentence starters, and questions to really help students think about their learning. They are especially student-friendly for SPED and ELL students!

Created by © Queen's Educational Resources
Your purchase includes one copy to be used in a single classroom. If you are looking for multiple copies, please be sure to purchase additional licenses.
Please feel free to email me if you have any questions!
ABOUT THIS RESOURCE: ☆ 147 pages ☆ Includes 7 products ☆ PDF files ☆ Excellent for ALL grade... read more

Accountable Talk Bundle