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Accountable Talk Discussion Trackers (Data Collection) EDITABLE!!



Administration, Special Education, Teacher
Kindergarten, Pre-K, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th, Adult Ed, Higher Ed, Not applicable
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Assessments, Forms, Rubrics
24 Pages
Communication Skills, Teaching Skills


☆ 24 pages
☆ (12 pages PDF version and 12 Editable version)
☆ Suitable for ANY grade and Subject Area

This resource includes:
☆ 12 Accountable Talk / Classroom Talk Discussion Trackers (PDF version)
☆ 12 Accountable Talk / Classroom Talk Discussion Trackers (EDITABLE version)


Administrators walk into classrooms for observations and hear rigorous classroom talk among students. Ultimately, and this has happened with me, administrators may say, “Students were engaged in rigorous classroom talk, and that's great, but how are you tracking this discussion?” YIKES! Evidently, it all comes down to how you’re collecting and keeping track of data even during Classroom Talk.

This resource includes 12 different Accountable Talk / Classroom Talk Discussion Trackers (in different variations). Two of the Accountable Data Trackers are "student trackers" and titled “My Discussion Tracker” where students can keep track of their own participation during classroom talk. These trackers enable you to keep track of who's making:

☆ Claims/Inferences
☆ Supporting their Ideas with Evidence
☆ Providing an Analysis or Explanation of their Claims/Inferences (Substance)
☆ Volunteering their Ideas
☆ Using Accountable Talk Stems
☆ Engaging in Respectful Communication with Peers
☆ Actively Listening
☆ Making Connections
☆ Building on Others’ Ideas
☆ Not Contributing to Discussion
☆ Not Using Accountable Talk Stems
☆ Does Not Support Ideas with Evidence
☆ Interrupting Others (as they speak)
☆ Engaged in Side Activities
☆ Lacking Substance

Some trackers also provides you opportunities to jot down important key points that students have shared during discussion as well as some interventions needed to help them engage better in classroom talk.

All this information can be tracked in these Classroom Talk / Accountable Talk Discussion Trackers. The data captured in these trackers can greatly help you provide the necessary interventions needed to support students in rigorous classroom talk. These trackers can also help you monitor their progress and have evidence of student learning. Your administrators will love you for this!

Additionally, all 12 Discussion Trackers come in EDITABLE forms, so you can easily modify according to your needs and your students’ needs.

***PLEASE NOTE: The editable trackers do not contain the same fonts, borders, and clipart images as in the PDF version due to copyright purposes and requirements made by other contributing clipart artists. However, you may add your own borders and images to the editable version as well as change the fonts to your own style. The trackers themselves in the editable version are the same as the PDF version. The PDF version contains all the visually appealing fonts, clipart graphics, and borders.

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ABOUT THIS RESOURCE ☆ 24 pages ☆ (12 pages PDF version and 12 Editable version) ☆ Suitable for... read more

Accountable Talk Discussion Trackers (Data Collection) EDITABLE!!