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All About Me Fabric Font Frame Ornament Coloring Printable 2x3 Insert 1x2 Window



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All About Me Fabric Font Frame Ornament Coloring Printable 2x3 Insert 1x2 Window

All About Me 3x4 Frame Ornament Coloring Printable 2x3 inch Photo / Insert with 1x2 Info Oval Window

Print this sheet, and have your child color it in, showing how they see themselves, with hair, eyes, clothes, and whatever else they want to say or show to the world!

And, the craft can be hung on the wall, or tree, displayed, even used as a pendant like a lanyard, for the child to wear, give out, or stand on a table or shelf, with the easel strut leg on the back, that pitches out, for the frame to stand.

You can have them decorate the sheets, and then you can laminate or decoupage the sheets, then cut out and assemble them yourself as a parent or teacher, or if they are old enough, 8 and up, with adult supervision, if the child can cut a straight line, use a hole puncher, and use a low temp glue gun or tape or child friendly adhesive, they can make them.

For decoupage, use Modge Podge or equal parts Elmer's glue and water (1/2 cup to 1/2 cup), with a layer of plastic wrap or butcher's paper underneath, paint over the printable, allow to dry 1 hour.

For a 2x3 inch photo or paper card stock insert(s), that you or the child can write on, any info that they want to share, as long as it fits within a 1x2" oval, 1 inch up from the bottom, centered, so that it can show through the 1x2 inch picture window on the front. You are more than welcome to cut a larger oval, as long as it fits within the 2x3" rectangle, aligned with the one on panel 2.

3x4 inch frame ornament
1 letter size pdf printable, that can be laminated or decoupaged with Modge Podge

Supplies needed:
1 length of ribbon 1/8" or 3mm wide by 2 feet or 2/3 meter long, to thread through 7 holes on both panels 2 & 3, to connect them to make the photo pocket
1 length of ribbon 1" wide or 2.5 cm by 6 inches long to connect strut leg to easel back at bottom right corners
1 length of ribbon 1 foot long, to hang frame as an ornament
1 photo safe / acid free, clear sheet protector page, cut to size of 2x3" photo, and for the strut leg clear piece, sandwiched between the separated top & bottom strut leg panels, that allows for the strut leg to be bendable
scissors and/or paper trimmer
quality hole puncher with 2" reach, to hole punch circles
crayons, markers, colored pencils, or 2 oz. bottles of acrylic paint in yours or your child's choice of colors
embellishments optional along with glue, glue dots, a child safe adhesive
Cool Touch by AdTech super cool hot glue and accompanying glue sticks - Cool Touch glue gun is 75 degrees cooler than the average cool temp glue gun. Kids, with adult supervision, can use the glue gun.

Print the sheet
cut out 7 panels, 6 for frame, 1 for clear strut leg bendable insert
cut away and into corners along lines provided, leaving side flaps to turn under and glue / tape down
hole punch all circles
thread skinny ribbon in and out through 7 holes in u or 3 sided line, to make photo pocket, in both directions - use pin or pencil to poke ribbon through holes to help, knot on both sides and glue down, trim tails
Place panel 1 on top of panel 2, gluing inner and outer edges
Place panel 4 over panel 3, leaving 1" space at bottom on right side for ribbon tail connection from strut leg

Strut leg panels:
Cut out the panels, cut clear strut leg piece
Split strut leg panels between 2 lines shown, folding all flaps under and glue down
Place clear strut leg on top of top and bottom strut legs of front strut leg, print side face down, align edges evenly.
Place wider 1" ribbon end inside but along bottom vertical side of 90 degree bottom right corner and glue in place, leaving rest to dangle
Place the joined pieces print side down, and glue back top and bottom strut leg panels over the clear piece, aligned well,

Finishing frame with adding strut leg:
Align bottom right corner of strut leg panels, front facing out, to bottom right corner of easel back, hold in place flip top out and add glue to top area, then press down onto easel back
Stand the frame, pull ribbon under and out in front of frame, trim 2" from where frame meets the ribbon
Tuck ribbon into bottom right pocket at bottom of frame's easel back bottom right
Pull out until frame stands on its own, with no help
Pin where ribbon meets bottom right of frame
Pull out, add glue, push ribbon inside bottom right pocket

"Fabric Font" for words "All About Me" printed on frame front, is available as a typing font for your device. Buy the "Fabric Font" in my store, one of my 4 featured items, find the .otf file in the zip folder download, right click on it and install. It will install on all of your device's apps or programs that allow you to change the font style.

"Fabric Font" was created by Kristie Hubler for fabricatedframes.com logo, and developed over the past 20 years, and recently turned into a real typing font. The "Fabric Font" is line art, simulated lengths of fabric to form letters, numbers and all of the characters on the keyboard, plus 20 special character symbols.

This could be a great interactive project with your kids, and gets them to be more detail oriented, practice their ability to cut straight lines, and hole punch within spaces, fold along lines, learn to trim ...all while expressing themselves, decorating their frames!

Thank you!
Kristie Hubler
All About Me Fabric Font Frame Ornament Coloring Printable 2x3 Insert 1x2 Window All About Me 3x4 Frame... read more

All About Me Fabric Font Frame Ornament Coloring Printable 2x3 Insert 1x2 Window