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As a high school special education teacher, my number one goal is to prepare my students for life after high school and I feel this classroom economy system helps to do just that!
Included, you will find a calendar, a check register, blank checks, and a bill log. The first set is filled out how I use it in my classroom to give you some ideas. The second set is blank and can be customized to fit your classroom. I also use a calendar that hangs on my classroom wall. Every day at a certain time, a student reads if there are any events coming up that week or any bills that are due. Once a student records a bill on their bill log, they will record it in their check register, and write a check or pay online depending on the bill.
I also find this useful to use as an age appropriate reward system and to help hold them accountable as they have to pay for leaving their things out or not being ready for class. This is a good chance to cover variable expenses and fixed expenses as well. I have also included a cheat sheet for the students that really struggle with spelling.
Every month, we fill out their calendar as a class and write down the bills on the days they are due. We also fill in any school activities, holidays, birthdays, etc. that may be coming up that month. When a bill is due on a weekend, holiday, or day we won’t be at school, I mention that we need to pay it ahead of time since we won’t be here and we don’t want it to be late.
I hope you enjoy this unit and your students really benefit from it! Please reach out if you have any questions. I’d love to hear how you’ve implemented this in your classroom!
As a high school special education teacher, my number one goal is to prepare my students for life... read more

Classroom Economy System