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Are your ELL or ESL students looking for activities to practice compare and contrast? Look no further than this incredible packet of compare and contrast text structure passages that are perfect for practicing finding similarities and differences and identifying signal words! There are 40 different passages and you can use to practice identifying similarities and differences between two things in a short text. There is even an instructional PowerPoint that can help you teach compare and contrast to an entire class!

This resource takes no time at all to set up! It gives you outstanding activities for ELA students in grades 4 to 8 who need more practice with text structures and words for comparing and contrasting, like 'both', 'on the other hand', 'however', and more. It also works great for intermediate level ESL students. The student book has an easy-to-understand instructional section, so you can easily give this as independent work or homework . There are a variety of words showing similarities and differences used throughout all the passages. Some are explicit, being found simply in the passages, and some are implicit, requiring deeper reading.

Use this resource for teaching students how to compare and contrast two different things. You'll love how these passage get your students thinking about how two unrelated things are the same and how they may differ by reading and finding signal words!

This is a highly versatile resource and there are four ways to use it:

-On the 40 task cards, which include separate answering sheets
-With the student book, which has all 40 text structure passages and answer spaces on a single page
-You can take the student book online with Google Slides®
-and you can teach this to an entire class, highlight the words showing similarities and differences, and display a chart showing the answers in each passage on an pre-keyed PowerPoint Presentation.



✅ Task Cards: All 40 compare and contrast text structure passages come on individual task cards, which makes this resource very easy to differentiate with.

✅ Simple and Effective Structure: Using this resource is simple. Your students read a short passage which was written using different compare and contrast words. Each text has a similarities and differences question that can be answered with information from the passage, as well as using inference to read deeper. Students can answer by pulling out the signal words or, for more of a challenge, writing their answer in complete sentences.

✅ Resource Notes: You'll get a complete guide with this resource, which includes notes on how to use it effectively and answer keys for all passages.

✅ Ready-to-Use PowerPoint: You can use the included PowerPoint presentation as a whole-class teaching tool. The pre-keyed animations highlight the answers for you right on each slide, so students can practice and develop together. There are 45 slides in total.


This package includes a zipped PDF file that can be opened using your preferred PDF reader. There are three total PDF files: One Student Book, one Answer Booklet for the task cards, and Teachers Notes, which include the task cards, answer keys, and other helpful elements.

There is also a PowerPoint presentation which requires Microsoft PowerPoint in order to use it. Though some of the text on the slides are customizable, changing the transitions or effects may result in the presentation not working as intended, and is not recommended.

The 40 Task Cards are 3 to a page, with 14 pages total. The Task Card answering pages are also 3 to a page, with 14 pages total. The Student Booklet has 40 pages, plus two pages with instructions and a cover page.

You'll get both print and digital versions (Google Slides®) with this download.


About ESL Lifeline:
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This resource was created by Landon S. Seigler of ESL Lifeline, all rights are reserved. The original purchaser is permitted to use it for a single class only. Teachers have the authorization to share this product with their students (and parents) through email, Google Classroom, or the Internet, as long as the site is password protected. Distribution to your own students is allowed, but uploading it to the Internet for public access and download is not permitted.

**If you wish to use this resource for multiple classrooms or share it with fellow educators, please purchase additional licenses. Your adherence to these usage terms is greatly appreciated.
Are your ELL or ESL students looking for activities to practice compare and contrast? Look no further than this incredible packet of compare and contrast text structure passages that are perfect for practicing finding similarities and differences and identifying signal... more
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