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Engineering STEAM: Bucket Tower



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Engineering Challenge: Bucket Tower
Learn about the structure of towers by building a bucket tower! Students will learn how to problem solve, persevere, and engineering skills. In this challenge, students need to build a structure that can hold weight and see the stronger the structure, the more weight it can hold! Students will see this by using buckets to place weight in and a tower to hold the weight.

About Our Product:
We have created our own Engineering Design Process which is similar to the traditional process most educators follow; however, our design process has been edited to better meet the needs of students. In our full version, students actually build more than one creation. This allows students to gain schema before being asked to make a final build. With our initial exploration process as part of Step #2 of our Engineering Design Process (EDP), students complete a small build which allows them to gain key schema before being asked to complete a large scale build. This allows students to fail in a low stakes environment. The purpose of the initial exploration is for learning and allows students to become comfortable with the challenge before they are expected to be successful. Also, collaboration is a key aspect of STEAM. As educators, we have learned through years of teaching, asking students to collaborate when they haven't had an opportunity to create their own idea first can lead to student frustration and collaboration issues. Once we added the initial exploration step to our EDP, collaboration skills greatly increased and student enjoyment soared as well. As a result, student creations also became much more successful.

Find our YouTube Channel, Dakota STEAM Learning LLC, for a video explanation of our engineering design process lessons.

Why you will love using an engineering lesson with students:
✨STEAM education is a fantastic and fun way to target critical thinking skills with students as they solve challenging, real world problems!
✨Students build grit as they learn skills to embrace failure in a safe environment! Mistakes just become a prototype and the growth mindset naturally grows in students.
✨All lessons integrate the 4Cs (critical thinking, creativity, communication, and collaboration) of 21st century learning skills in an authentic, natural way.

Why your students will love doing an engineering lesson:
✨Students get to create! Students get an opportunity to be hands-on with their learning and try new ideas.
✨Students have more than 1 way to solve a problem! They aren’t trying to find one correct answer but can solve in a variety of ways as long as they justify their solution.
✨Students love the creative freedom in each challenge!
✨Students naturally persevere! They quickly see that STEAM takes a few tries and don’t give up when their idea isn’t working.

This bundle includes the following:
✅Classroom Google Slides: A great visual representation which guides teacher instruction through the lesson and STEAM journal. Google slides are to guide both teacher instruction and student learning. Slides can be edited or added if changes are minor to meet your material or time constraints needs.
✅Student Activity STEAM Journal: STEAM Journals guide students through the STEAM design process and the inquiry-based steps to complete the project. All student documentation is contained to one packet and packets come with both blank and filled in versions. During the lesson, you can decide how much students document and complete the packet. Also, fill in your own materials if necessary in each journal.
✅STEAM Journal and Slides Short and Full Versions: We included two versions of this STEAM challenge! The full version includes more steps and a longer time frame to teach a more in-depth lesson and a short version for a more time efficient and effective lesson. Google Slides and STEAM Journal is included for both versions!
✅Research Sheet: Simple but well thought out research sheets to help guide students’ thinking through the STEAM challenge. Our research sheets are designed for students to think critically about the designs of structures to help start the design process but not enough research for the students to duplicate the structural design! We leave plenty of room for students to think critically and still be creative in the design process.
✅Material Sheet: The material sheet is a simple overview of materials, material amounts, tips & tricks, and supplemental materials to use if needing a substitution. The material sheet is designed to guide teachers in ordering an appropriate amount of materials needed to complete the STEAM project.
✅Engineering Basics Resource Slides: Engineering is challenging to teach: Where is the best place for tape? To use popsicle sticks? Or how can a student use a piece of paper? Our Engineering Basics Resource slides include ways to use tape, popsicle sticks, and so much more! Use with students, as a teacher guided resource, or both!
✅Read First Document: This document is important to view! Our Read First document will describe each item in the folder, how to use, and about copyrighted materials. We have also included videos explaining the process our lessons follow to better help you feel comfortable teaching the lesson.
✅Tips & Tricks for Students and Teachers: The Tips & Tricks page will describe information to guide students during the process, guide educators in the process, and examples of final builds to use as a guide for educators.

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Engineering Challenge: Bucket Tower Learn about the structure of towers by building a bucket tower! Students will learn... read more

Engineering STEAM: Bucket Tower