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Four Regions of California with Video



Homeschool, Student, Teacher
Resource Type
Lesson Plan, Reading Passage, Video
6 Pages
Reading & Literacy, Expository Writing, History/Social Studies


Are you looking for an engaging way to teach the Four Regions of California for social studies? Don't just use a dry textbook. This resource will get your students talking and writing about California.

This interactive presentation in PowerPoint (TM) has reading, writing, vocabulary, a video, and assessment. Included is a printable PDF version of the resource.

With close reading and text annotation tools, students will learn about the four regions in California state: the Coastal Region, the Central Valley region, the Desert Region, and the Mountain Region.

Fourth grade students will learn about Lake Tahoe in the Sierra Nevada, Mount Whitney, Badwater Basin, Death Valley, and other natural features in each of the regions.

You can watch this video to get an idea of the content included.

Who this is for:

☆Public school teachers
☆Private school teachers
☆Homeschool teachers
☆Parents teaching their children at home
What's included:

►A lesson plan for the teacher
►A 5 minute video to introduce the topic
►A custom map of the four regions
►A black outline map for students to use in an extension activity
►Four pages of reading with text annotation tools
►Vocabulary activities and assessments
►An informational writing activity
►Compare and contrast graphic organizers
►A writing rubric for fast grading
This resource is part of a growing product line for 4th grade California History and Social Studies.

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Are you looking for an engaging way to teach the Four Regions of California for social studies? Don't... read more

Four Regions of California with Video