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Greek and Latin Roots | Vocabulary Bundle Lists 11-15



Homeschool, Student, Teacher
5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th
Resource Type
Activities, Flash Cards, Literacy Centers
99+ Pages
English as a Second Language (ESL), Reading Skills, Spelling & Vocabulary


Grab some new resources to help your students learn Greek and Latin roots in your classroom or homeschool. Over 60% of all English words are derived from Greek and Latin roots and in the fields of science and technology it is more than 90%! Learning the meanings of these roots makes it much easier to understand new words, as a single Greek or Latin root can help unlock the meanings of up to 30 English words.

This bundle includes 5 PowerPoint presentations and 4 sets of flashcards for 125 affixes and roots. Word parts included are: -a, ab, act, aden, aer, ag, alb, an-, andro, ann, apo, arthro, ase, bachio, bas, -be, blasto, bon, brachy, branchio, cant, chlor, chrom, cyan, cyt, dactyl, dextro, dicho, diplo, dom, dors, dys, eco, ef, emia, enter, epi, erg, erythron, exo, fic, fil, form, frat, gastro, glyc, gon, gram, gress, gyn, haplo, hemo, hippo, holo, hum, -I, idio, im, infra, ium, jus, kin, labor, lent, leuko, lite, log, lum, lys, macro, mel, mem, meso, milli, mob, myo, nounce, oligo, opia, ose, osis, para, parl, patho, phag, phor, phos, phyll, phylo, phyt, pleo, pod, potent, pro, reg, rhiz, rhodo, rogat, sapro, schizo, sect, sen, sequ, sess, sol, som soror, spor, sta, struct, surg, taxis, tox, trich, troph, tropo, tude, ultima, vac, val, ventri, vol, vore, zygo, and zym.

Use the presentation to introduce the vocabulary. Each slide includes 5 items: a word part, meaning of the word part, a picture to help remember the meaning, and a focus word with definition which shows the use of the part. You can easily convert the presentation to Google Slides.

The first two sets of flashcards include each of the 125 affixes and roots, the third set has the meanings of the word parts, and the fourth set has the meanings with a picture. The flashcards are perfect for centers, small groups, and individual practice. They are great for ELLs and your visual and kinesthetic learners!

Supports CCSS L.5.4b, L.6.4b, L.7.4b, L.8.4b; TEKS LA.6.2.C, LA.7.2.C, LA.8.2.C; and VA SOL R.5.4.c, R.6.4.b, R.7.4.b, R.8.4.c.

• 5 PowerPoint Presentations
• 4 Sets of Flashcards (500 cards)
• Answer Keys
Grab some new resources to help your students learn Greek and Latin roots in your classroom or homeschool.... read more

Greek and Latin Roots | Vocabulary Bundle Lists 11-15