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Leadership Activity Worksheets

✥ Leadership Activities
✥ 83 pages
✥ Print and Digital (PDF and Google Slides)
✥ Suitable for Middle and High School Students
✥ Detailed Answer Keys included
✥ Career-Readiness -related resource

This resource includes:

------ 23 Activity Worksheets and ANSWER KEYS
------ 2 Student-Led Interactive Leadership Activities with detailed ANSWER KEYS
------ Additional Worksheets for Interactive Activities
------ Google Slide Links


We live in a highly competitive society where leadership is necessary to ensure success both in school and in the workplace. This resource includes a wide range of leadership activities that help students explore what it means to be a leader, understand the importance of leadership, and practice developing their leadership skills. This resource will help you instill, develop, and encourage leadership qualities in each of your students. The scenarios included in worksheets are HIGHLY relevant and all too familiar! It provides great opportunities for students to practice the different aspects of leadership in situations they experience everyday.


▶️ Activity Worksheets

This resource includes 23 Leadership Activity Worksheets and Answer Keys that gives students opportunities to practice and hone their everyday leadership skills.

The Activity Worksheets cover the following topics related to Leadership:

⭐ Leadership Anticipation Guide
⭐ Leadership Self-Assessment
⭐ Organizing a Fundraising Event
⭐ Assigning Group Roles to Team Members (Delegation)
⭐ Leadership Self-Reflection
⭐ Leader or Follower?
⭐ Conflict Resolution – Getting Inside a Person’s Head (Perspective-Taking)
⭐ Emotional Control
⭐ Leadership Quote Analysis and Connection
⭐ Difference Between Effective and Ineffective Leadership
⭐ Results of Good and Bad Leadership
⭐ Leadership Responses (to challenging situations)
⭐ Delivering Constructive (Negative) Feedback
⭐ Effective Delegation
⭐ Effective Leadership Questions (Asking the "Right" Questions)
⭐ Non-verbal Communication
⭐ Leadership Behaviors and Attitudes (Passage)
⭐ Full Text Message Conversation
⭐ Text Message – How Would You Respond?
⭐ Responding to Negative Comments on Social Media
⭐ Qualities of a Successful Leader
⭐ Leadership Scenario
⭐ End of Lesson Leadership Reflection


▶️ Also Included - TWO Student-Led Interactive Leadership Activities that can be completed in pairs, small groups, or individually (Print and Digital)


Students will organize and lead a successful fundraising event. It requires students to practice the following leadership skills: collaborating with others, teamwork, delegating responsibilities, conflict resolution, strategic thinking, effective communication and delivery, persuasion and influencing, planning, and management.

✅ This activity includes all the materials needed to get you started and guide students throughout the entire process. It includes Teacher Instructions, Student Worksheets, Answer Keys, Reflection Sheets, etc. ABSOLUTLY NO-PREP NEEDED!!!

✅ This activity includes detailed ANSWER KEYS (for ALL aspects of this activity).

✅ This activity is EDITABLE!!!

This is included in the following three versions:

Uneditable (Cannot be modified in anyway as it includes all copyrighted graphics, fonts, and borders)
Partially Editable (You can change all writing sections. The copyrighted graphics, fonts, and borders are flattened in place so that they can’t be copied or moved.)
Completely Editable (You can change anything and everything!) WHOOP WHOOP!



Assigning Group Roles - Delegating Responsibilities (Print and Digital)
Students assign groupwork roles accordingly (and based on) each member’s skills, knowledge, learning preferences, values, etc. to create an effective, productive, collaborative working environment within the group. Description cards are included, of course! (Uneditable)

✅ All materials/worksheets needed to get started and support students throughout the process

✅ Detailed Answer Key included

✅ All worksheets contain very appealing graphics, borders, and fonts that will hold your students’ attention and spark enthusiasm for completing assignments.

✅ This ENTIRE resource is also included in Google Slides! Text boxes have already been created to make it easier for you and your students! Each Leadership Activity Worksheet slide includes two instruction solution tabs for when students accidentally delete text boxes and when they want to zoom in (to enlarge worksheets). It's super helpful for students who are not that familiar with how to use Google Slides or need the extra assistance.

Please feel free to email me if you have any questions!
[email protected]

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Leadership Activity Worksheets ABOUT THIS RESOURCE ✥ Leadership Activities ✥ 83 pages ✥ Print and Digital (PDF and Google Slides) ✥ Suitable for Middle and High School Students ✥ Detailed Answer Keys included ✥ Career-Readiness -related resource This resource includes:... more
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