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Homeschool, Special Education, Teacher
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Critical Reasoning, Reading Comprehension & Learning, ELA


Activities for inferencing promote higher order thinking skills & critical thinking skills. They are foundational skills that are required for reading comprehension & necessary throughout life. This grammar activity can be used for the classroom, speech therapy, occupational therapy, special education, ELL classroom & ESL classroom. Great for literacy centers, small group instruction, whole group instruction or individual instruction. I use these for Teletherapy Speech Therapy & the kids love them!

This deck contains 76 cards with beginner to advanced levels. The fill in the blank are open response, so if you use the grading feature these will need to be manually graded. This gives you an idea about how well your students understand inferences.

The following is included:
1 Practice Card with 10 GIFS EMOTIONS - the pictures are GIFS & move!
10 GIFS EMOTIONS Sentence w/question "how did s/he feel?" (3 multiple choice w/pictures)
10 GIFS EMOTIONS - "How does s/he feel" (multiple choice w/words) "How do you know?" (fill in the blank) This is open response & will have to be manually graded
15 OCCUPATIONS "Who am I?" (multiple choice w/3 picture choices)
10 DRAWING CONCLUSIONS "What is happening" w/pictures (multiple choice 3 answer choices w/phrases)
10 DRAWING CONCLUSIONS Sentences w/pictures (multiple choice w/3 sentence answer choices)

5 STORIES using evidence from the text - 2 cards per story
1st card-story w/2 questions: "what do you think...." & "how did
s/he feel?"
2nd card-"what clues led you to that inference?" 4 multiple choice

8 Picture Scenarios - 3 Fill in the blank -
1. Observation-what do you see?
2. Schema-what you already know.
3.Inference-what do you think is happening

This download is a PDF with a clickable link to add the card decks to you Boom library.

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Activities for inferencing promote higher order thinking skills & critical thinking skills. They are foundational skills that are... read more

Making Inferences Boom Cards