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Introducing the Gumshoe Memory Guide (GMG), a comprehensive resource designed to equip students from Kindergarten to 8th grade with critical information to memorize. This versatile guide can serve as the foundation for creating your own curriculum or as a valuable supplementary resource. Covering a wide range of subjects, the GMG includes science, history, math facts, geography, Bible verses in ESV, English grammar facts, books of the Bible, U.S. Presidents, and a timeline featuring 132 key historical events.

Each historical memory sentence is directly related to a specific event on the timeline, fostering a deeper understanding of the connections between past events. The science sentences are intricately linked to specific fields of study, creating a comprehensive learning experience. Our timeline and science support the Young-Earth Creationist View.

In year three, the GMG delves into early-modern history, beginning with the Dutch Revolt in 1568 and concluding with the event of the Compromise of 1850. Additionally, life science topics such as botany, zoology and anatomy are covered.

In the Gumshoe Memory Guide (GMG), the selection of ESV Bible verses is purposefully chosen to provide your child with a firm foundation in God's Word. These carefully selected scriptures, including John 3:16, 1 John 1:9, Mark 12:30-31, Galatians 5:19-23, and more, were chosen to instill a love for God, the Bible, and biblical principles and values in your child's heart and mind.

Repetition is a key element in the GMG's approach to scripture memorization. By including these verses in the guide year after year, we ensure that they become deeply ingrained in your child's memory and consciousness, shaping their character and guiding their choices for a lifetime.

The GMG materials are thoughtfully structured into 33 weeks, aligning with a typical school year. This breakdown allows for a consistent and manageable pace, ensuring that your child can effectively absorb and internalize the content without feeling overwhelmed. Each week presents a new opportunity for growth, discovery, and spiritual enrichment as your child engages with the scriptures and other subjects covered in the GMG.

How the Shoe Memory Guides work together is quite simple. Begin with the Year One Guide for the current school year, then progress through each subsequent guide until year four, before cycling back again. If you prefer to start with a different guide then go sequentially that's fine too. This spiral learning approach offers a diverse range of history and science subjects, allowing children to explore their interests in greater depth.

The GMG offers flexibility in its presentation, allowing you to transform it into a travel-friendly flipbook or keep it neatly organized in a binder. To enhance engagement and facilitate effective learning, the guide includes various games, memorization techniques, and study suggestions.

Our teaching approach combines learning styles, the spiral teaching method, and unit study techniques, ensuring a well-rounded and comprehensive educational experience. Our ultimate goal is to empower your child with the necessary tools to study, memorize, and retain information, enabling them to fulfill the unique purpose God has called them to.

Explore our store for additional materials and bundles, complementing the learning journey facilitated by the Gumshoe Memory Guide.

Invest in the Gumshoe Memory Guide today and unlock a wealth of knowledge, fostering a lifelong love for learning and a solid foundation for academic success. With its comprehensive content, adaptable format, and effective teaching strategies, this guide is an invaluable resource for educators and parents alike.

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Contains Religious Content

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Introducing the Gumshoe Memory Guide (GMG), a comprehensive resource designed to equip students from Kindergarten to 8th grade with critical information to memorize. This versatile guide can serve as the foundation for creating your own curriculum or as a valuable... more
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