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Reading Comprehension Packet - "Birthday Surprise" (Print and Digital)



Homeschool, Special Education, Teacher
2nd, 3rd, 4th
Resource Type
Assessments, Guided Reading, Reading Passages
18 Pages
Guided Reading, Reading Comprehension & Learning, Reading Strategies


☆ Passage Title: "Birthday Surprise"
☆ 18 pages
☆ Print and Digital (PDF and Google Slides)
☆ Grades 2 - 4
☆ Suitable for ELL students, Special Ed. students, and students with Autism
☆ Differentiated Worksheets
☆ ANSWER KEYS included

This resource includes:
☆ 6 Question Worksheets (same passage - “Birthday Surprise,” different level questions and formats)
☆ 4 Bulletin Board Task Display Pages (to display with student work)
☆ 2 Scoring Rubrics
☆ Google Slide Link

***This resource is also included in Google Slides! Text boxes have already been created to make it easier for you and your students! Each worksheet slide includes two instruction solution tabs for when students accidentally delete text boxes and when they want to zoom in (to enlarge worksheets). It's super helpful for students who are not that familiar with how to use Google Slides or need the extra assistance.

6 Question Worksheets

This resource consists of one passage titled “Birthday Surprise” with six differentiated question worksheets. There are 6 different worksheets: (Multiple-Choice, Short Answer, and Short Response) to help you differentiate for students of ALL levels. Three of the worksheets require students to use evidence/details from the passage to support ideas. Worksheets come in different formats. ANSWER KEYS for all worksheets are included!

☆☆☆Level Complexity:

Question Worksheets range from basic comprehension questions (lower-level)
to inferential questions (higher-level).

ALL Questions Worksheets consist of the same passage!

This can be used as a quiz, test, formative assessment, homework assignment, classwork assignment, or can even be used during guided practice! A great idea would be to see how well students perform with the basic comprehension questions, and if they do well on that, you can challenge them further by giving them the inferential thinking question worksheets!

☆☆☆ 4 Bulletin Board Task Display Pages
Included in this resource are four Bulletin Board Task Display Pages that can be used to display your students' work. Bulletin Board Task Display Pages are beautifully created and visually pleasing. These Bulletin Board Task Display Pages will improve the overall appearance of your classroom bulletin boards. Please note, the Bulletin Board Task Display Pages should be printed on gloss or photo copy paper for optimal quality and shine.

☆☆☆ 2 Rubrics (Visually pleasing as well!)
Finally, this resource includes two student-friendly rubrics to evaluate students’ responses - Easy to use! One Rubric is a 4-point score Rubric used to score Short Answer Questions and one Rubric is a 2-point score Rubric used to score the Short Response question.

***You have everything you need to score your students’ responses, and immediately display on bulletin boards with the Bulletin Board Task Display Pages and Rubrics! Absolutely no preparation needed! - YAY!

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***Lesson plans are not included. These activity worksheets can be used in addition to your own lesson plans and in such a way that best meets the needs of your students.
Created by © Queen's Educational Resources
Your purchase includes one copy to be used in a single classroom. If you are looking for multiple copies, please be sure to purchase additional licenses.
Please feel free to email me if you have any questions!
ABOUT THIS RESOURCE ☆ Passage Title: "Birthday Surprise" ☆ 18 pages ☆ Print and Digital (PDF and Google... read more

Reading Comprehension Packet - "Birthday Surprise" (Print and Digital)