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Risky Behaviors Activity Worksheets | Peer Pressure Worksheets | Activities

★ Risky Behaviors | Peer Pressure
★ 37 pages
★ Print and Digital
★ Suitable for High School Students and Mature Teens
★ Includes detailed Answer Keys

This resource includes:
★ 20 Risky Behaviors Activity Worksheets
★ Detailed Answer Keys
★ Google Slides Link

Taking risks is fairly common in adolescence. Yet, risky behaviors can be associated with serious, long-term, and " in some cases " life threatening consequences. This is especially the case when adolescents engage in more than one harmful behavior. The time will come in almost every teen's life when they will be confronted with situations that tempt them to engage in risky behaviors. As educators, the best thing we can do is develop their understanding of the consequences associated with various risky behaviors and equip them with tools to say no and to protect themselves. Through ongoing meaningful practices and discussions, we can enhance their understanding of the consequences of risky behaviors and help them prevent themselves from engaging in them.

▶ This resource (Print and Digital) provides multiple opportunities for students to not only develop an understanding of the common different types of risky behaviors and their consequences, but also be exposed to a variety of preventive methods to avoid risky behaviors and/or navigate their way out of them.

▶ Some of the activities/worksheets include REAL LIFE, HIGHLY RELEVANT scenarios that provides students opportunities to practice navigating out of difficult situations associated with risky behaviors. These scenarios also provide students with opportunities to discuss, understand, and role play the variety of effective ways to avoid or decline invitations to participate in risky behaviors.

▶ Detailed Suggested Responses/Answer Keys are included to help you facilitate discussion with students.

▶ This resource is also included in Google Slides! Text boxes have already been created to make it easier for you and your students! Each slide includes two instruction solution tabs for when students accidentally delete text boxes and when they want to zoom in (to enlarge worksheets). It's super helpful for students who are not that familiar with how to use Google Slides or need the extra assistance.

▶ The graphics and clipart in these worksheets are also a great representation of your own students, making the visual appearance of the worksheets highly appealing, relevant, and relatable to them.

Activity Worksheet Topics included:

❤ Anticipation Guide (2 variations)
❤ Risky Behavior Self-Assessment
❤ My Experience with Risky Behaviors
❤ Different Types of Risky Behaviors and Reasons for Engaging in Them
❤ Consequences of Risky Behaviors and How to Avoid Them
❤ Risky Behavior Word Web
❤ Risky Behaviors on Social Media
❤ Text Messaging Conversation
❤ Text Messaging - How Would You Respond?
❤ Risky Financial Behaviors
❤ Rejecting Risky Behavior Suggestions
❤ Poor Lifestyle Behaviors
❤ Reasons for High-Risk Behaviors and Preventions
❤ Personal Risky Behavior Experiences
❤ Stop, Reflect, Decide " Thinking Before Responding
❤ Relationship Drama
❤ Cyberbullying is a BIG DEAL

The topics (and scenarios) focused in these worksheets include:

⭐ Peer Pressure
⭐ Violence
⭐ Bullying / Cyberbullying
⭐ Smoking / Tobacco Use (Vaping, Marijuana, Hookah)
⭐ Revenge
⭐ Social Media Misuse
⭐ Sexually Explicit Photos (on Social Media)
⭐ Truancy (Cutting School)
⭐ Stealing
⭐ Meeting Up With People You Just Met on Social Media
⭐ Overspending
⭐ Sexual Practices
⭐ Drunk Driving
⭐ Poor Lifestyle Behaviors
⭐ Relationship Drama
⭐ Sneaking Out of the House
⭐ Self-Induced Vomiting
⭐ Weapon Possession

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Risky Behaviors Activity Worksheets | Peer Pressure Worksheets | Activities ABOUT THIS RESOURCE ★ Risky Behaviors | Peer Pressure ★ 37 pages ★ Print and Digital ★ Suitable for High School Students and Mature Teens ★ Includes detailed Answer Keys... more
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